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Get me surfing!! (please) - 2012/08/09 09:34 Hi there,
I am taking some time out of work as I need to brush up on some things and catch up on a bit of reading... and would like to spend October and November doing that in the evening and surfing during the day (as opposed to being in cold, wet London!)

So (I think!) I am after somewhere with the following:

=> board short weather
=> surf/ swell
=> decent internet connection
=> surf school for a week and then the ability to get lessons roughly when I need/ want them
=> board rental for the two months (preferably I would like to change boards a few times)
=> a beach hut to rent, or some other cheap accom (laptop must be relatively safe mind you)... pref on the beach!
=> ability to get food easily!
=> yoga
... my budget is 3k GBP for the two months- but that is everything completely in (e.g. flights etc)

would anyone know of anywhere that meets all the above by any chance? If not any advice would be amazing

As I really should just concentrate on the learning I cant be doing that much moving about/ hunting stuff out etc (otherwise I would go for a proper explorers hol) - oh and I dont know how to drive

Thanks for your time- any help/ info/ tips/ points would be well appreciated as im going in completely raw here (although I do snowboard- hence why I want to give surfing a go!)

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Re:Get me surfing!! (please) - 2012/08/10 01:52 LOL second star on the right, and straight on till morning!

Beach Huts don't have security, air conditioning or internet connections and don't exist except in Hollywood movies. They would have mosquitoes, sand fleas and other nasties anyway. Your ideal spot is a bit far from London, Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Look for "All you want to know about Tamarindo" in Forums:

Apart from that how about Morocco or the Canary's?
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Re:Get me surfing!! (please) - 2012/08/10 11:39 Cheers DrC123- thanks for getting back to me man and trying to get me sorted

Yeah I didnt need the beachut to have security & air conditioning (never mentioned?!) & internet connections... I just needed security and internet handy... and not to be a pedant but beach huts certainly do exist!!... South East Asia is pretty much all that is it not?!

Anyhow... I had come across Tamarindo (again just research- google/ holiday websites/ backpacker websites/ surfing sites etc) and it seemed like it had already gone a bit commercial?
... or perhaps to use an analogy that might not work a bit more 'American Spring Break' on it (dont get me wrong, I used to live in NYC and have a lot of time for the states and Americans- im not bashing here!!)

There was another place Jaco beach that seemed to be the same sort of deal

=> The big front runner for me at the moment is Montanita in Ecuador... have you been there?... or know people who have?? (or anyone else who has please chip in!)

I just want some first hand knowledge/ vibe - e.g. it is hard to get a grasp of the size of the place, ease to get around, or just a more intimate feel
(sorry im being a pain I know but I just cant afford [due to needing to do my reading/ study] to go somewhere and start pissing around looking for new accom or even packing up and heading 30 mins down the road... ermm- I am trusting myself not to party too much though!!)

... although all in Montanita seems to check out so far; prices, temp, yoga, music, relaxed vibe, hippies, surf schools, internet
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Re:Get me surfing!! (please) - 2012/08/10 14:11 LOL Regardless of what they want you to believe Costa Rica is a third word country. Stay away from Jaco its a tourist dump with junk surf. Unless you are looking for hookers (or to get mugged or busted, or both) stay away.

Indo surf is NOT for beginners, unless you stay at Kuta Beach, Bali. A few sea snakes, scorpions and mosquitoes but LOTS of girls. Have not been for years since the terrorists blew up 202 people there in 2002!
Note you also do not want to visit an Indo jail.

Regards air conditioning, try 90F degrees with 90% humidity aaaagh!

Don't know much about Montañita, Ecuador. Sounds pretty isolated. Note: as a private pilot Central America is a sketchy place to fly around in. Had a friend who used to do a little "cargo" flying in
an old DC3 until he got jumped by MiG's LOL

Here is some more on Costa Rica.

"Limon and the Caribbean side is mostly black and a no no, very dangerous. Puntarenas is next to Baco Barranca or "Bug Bay" as I call it and is the ferry port for Mal Pais on the Nicoya Peninsula. Puntarenas is small, dirty and dangerous, its where the local's from San Jose go to the seaside, not tourists. They found a body in the dumpster at my hotel the day I arrived.

Mal Pias is nice but kind of isolated and hard to get to as you have to take a car ferry and its a serious drive through mud and across rivers on sketchy so called roads.

You need to rethink your trip fly into Liberia not San Jose. San Jose is in the mountains and a 3 to 6 hour drive from anywhere. There is plenty to see and do in the Guanacaste region. Snorkeling, Jungle, Crocks, Monkeys, Forests, Volcanoes. I understand most flights go to San Jose but there are a lot that go to Liberia or you could get a connecting flight. You do not want to stay in San Jose and the airport is not LA International (LAX) California, safety is more like Russia, that's why the locals make the sign of the cross before takeoff LOL."

Note: August is (Winter) the Green or Wet season however the Guanacaste region is the driest area.
I was there for 10 days last August and it only rained the last night. Bring lots of BUG SPRAY and Pink Zinc as the white hot Summer sun will fry your Euro butt! hehe

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Re:Get me surfing!! (please) - 2012/08/17 23:12 Hi David, have U ever checked out Morocco? The Taghazout to Agadir coast provides surfspots for all kind of skill levels, good accommodation and cheap food. Don't know about internet situation but that shoud be available.
Surf gear, camps etc. is also along the road, flights fm GB are not expensive. Oct./Nov. is perfect with water temps above 20°C and air fm 20-30°C.

Have fun,
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