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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Costa Rica

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De geoffsurf , 22-09-2011

Visit Santa Teresa / Malpais - Yes, head farther south than Tamarindo for some great surf. Check out Santa Teresa on the wannasurf website, or for even more info:

De zx1199 , 03-01-2011

THEFT! How to control It! - Do what I/my bros do! Set up a DCoy. I guess there's not too many bright surfers headed for CR. I live in Florida, and have a ton of respect for locals, hear and abroad. But I see theft here just as much as you traveling surfers see anywhere. Don't cry about it unless your willing to do something to about it! Yes our cars get broken into also. Here's what you do. Put your car at a vulnerable location, keep your windows down, car unlocked(to avoid damage)put an empty wallet and cheap sunglassess on the dash, sit and wait. When that little piece of shit takes the bait, kick the living crap out of him. Do this a few times and word is going to get around. I've done this so I know. PROBLEM SOLVED! I will be over there this coming June, so if you see a rental with unlocked doors and windows down, STAY AWAY! I will be watching!

De Anonymous , 01-10-2010

Photographer in Costa Rica 10/6/-11/2/2010 - Aloha,
This is Nate with Freedom Riding in Hawaii. We'll be in Costa Rica filming a documentary for 4 weeks starting Oct 6th - Nov 2nd, 2010. Please contact us prior or while you are there if you'd like to be in the film. Go to our site:
or email us:
Pura vida

De Anonymous , 18-01-2010

Surfcamp - Hi,
I'll spend 7 to 10 days during begining of april in Tamarindo. Mainly reason is to surf and meet new people. Would like to stay in a surfcamp,but a cheap one. who takes you surfing on differrent beaches every day,really wanna try ollies point. I'm surfing a fun board 6.4,been surfing on and off for 2 years,so i'm not a beginner,but def not a pro! Anyone who can suggest any surfcamps in Tamarindo or nearby,please send me an email at

De Colin P. , 01-01-2010

driving to witch's - Yo I'll be there in January, and will have a 4x4 and wanna drive to Witch's Rock to try to surf. I hear the roads are pretty dry then, so anyone know the best directions? Thanks a bunch

De Anonymous , 11-12-2009

Trip to Nica in Jan/Feb - I will be arriving to Nosara area Jan 26 2010 and plan traveling by bus up to Aserradores, Nicaragua. Plan on staying at Joe's Place and surfing Nica until Feb 6. I'm 22/m from East Coast USA, spanish proficiency. Anyone interested in joining? e-mail me

De ivans , 06-11-2008

Need some help - Hey, i am travelling to Guanacaste and i need some help to plan my trip. Anyone who want to help me please send me an email to ivanlen(at)

Thank you very much.

De Anonymous , 05-11-2008

Board rental - Loads of cheap rental gear in tamarindo (15$/d). nosara and santa teresa offer fewer options.

De Anonymous , 26-08-2008

- What are the waves like here like in November/December? where would be most consistent place to base yourself

De ceholli , 18-12-2007

Rent or buy... - I would rent, there are some decent shops down there with good choices, so you can change your stick depending on the swell or non-swell.

Buying leaves you with trying to sell it at the end of your trip!

Now, if you are going down for a month than you would have the time to sell and barter.

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