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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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De jared , 26-12-2009

Driving from Texas into Mexico - hi, my name is jared - i'm planning to drive down from canada into mexico - should be in texas around late january - i'm looking for anyone else who wants to drive down around that time. it'd be nice to have some more people to travel with just to be safe. email me if you're interested.

De Anonymous , 26-08-2009

- Hey leonardo no mas swine flu the in mexico i surf in mexico last month in barra de la cruz in oaxaca and everything its ok good wavegreat food and good vives, this season its good from baja south to chiapas.

De leonardo , 26-06-2009

september 2009 - hi to everysurfer....anywone know something about the pig fiver in mexico? i will been there in sepember 2009.please answer me.

De Anonymous , 05-03-2009

surfing mexico - hey im goin to be on the pacific side of mexico in aug. im from florida and have surfed all over there but never on the pacific coast. do you have any advice for staying safe while surfin there?also whats a good location for surfing and sight seeing?

De Anonymous , 04-03-2009

Where to go in Jalisco area next week? - Hey, traveling to Mexico next week. I want to find good waves somewhere on the west coast in the Jalisco area which is relatively safe - as I'm aussie girl traveling alone.
Any advice?? Names of places to stay?

De efru , 09-02-2009

Good Places To Stay With the Fam - Hey Hey,

I'm looking for some advice on where to stay in Cabo. I'm headed down there with my family, which consists of two young couples (3 surfers) plus my parents (in their 50s). Looking for good access to surf, clean comfortable accommodations, and enough activity to keep my parents and bro's girlfriend entertained. Any recommendations?

De jw , 31-12-2008

driving down? - i really wanna have some wheels if i go to mexico this spring - is it a bad idea to bring a newer 4x4 down there for a couple months?? any input is appreciated. jw.

De Andy Brangwin , 18-11-2008

Buying Boards in Mexico - Hi, Im heading to the pacific coast for a month and have just found out my flight is code shared with AA who with the Mexicana fare will be charging $450 USD to take my board!!!! Are boards easy to come by? what sort of price would be expected. I know through central america there were decent boards for $50-$100 USD.

De jared , 16-11-2008

where to go in baja?? - hi, i'm planning a trip to baja in the spring and wondered if anyone could recommend any cool beach towns to camp in w decent surf nearby, i'll have a 4x4. don't really like crowds and prefer somewhere more laid back. thanks for any suggestions.

De Anonymous , 27-10-2008

surfchaser - A good place to go to learn to surf is Barra de Navidad there is a surf school owned by a local Odin Olea and his wife Erin they can teach you to surf or take you on trips Odins surf school Barra de Navidad Jalisco Mexico

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