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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Canada, West Coast

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Datum: WGS84 [ Auxílio ]
Precisão: Approximate

Histórico GPS (1)

Latitude: 49° 7.804' N
Longitude: 125° 54.364' W

Notação (37)

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DistânciaViagem de um dia

CaminhadaCurta caminhada (5-15 mn)

Fácil de encontrar?Fácil de encontrar

Acesso público?Acesso público

Acesso especialNão sei

 Características do spot de surf

Qualidade do spot

Qualidade das ondasNormal

ExperiênciaTodos os surfistas

FrequênciaFunciona com frequência



DirecçãoDireita e esquerda



Comprimento normalNormal (50 a 150m)

Comprimento máximoNormal (50 a 150m)

Marés, Ondas e vento

Direcção da ressacaNoroeste, Oeste, Sudoeste, Sul

Direcção do ventoNorte, Sudeste, Leste, Noroeste

Tamanho da ressacaComeça em 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft e vai até 2.5m+ / 8ft+

Condição da maréTodas as marés

Movimento da maréMaré crescente

Mais detalhes

Cheio durante a semanaAlguns surfistas

Cheio no fim de semanaAlguns surfistas

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- Correntezas/Ressacas

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De Anonymous , 05-09-2010

Watch out ...response - Spoken by a true poser. Long board or short should let the waves on the day dictate the board you choose. I've been surfing for 22 years and surf all sizes and styles but only a young surfer would suggest anything under a 6' board is the only way to fly. Maybe you are just short in brains and stature. Don't compensate.....embrace yourself....all 5 foot 5 of you.

De Anonymous , 11-02-2008

Exact location. - Can anybody out there clarify for me if what they mean here by surf spot Tofino is simply North or South Chesterman. Or, is there another location north of Chesterman? Thanx

De Anonymous , 13-11-2006

watch out - all surfers should be careful not to catch the latest strain of longboarditis. It is an infectious strain that is going around and seems to have affected Vancouver island heavily. The symptoms are, owning a board that measures more than 6 feet eight inches in lenght that is dinged and completely yellowed from baking in the sun or from heavy water intake. Other symptoms vary, a false sense of coolness or ownership of a wave, dropping in and squatting very low or standing straight legged, dropping in and going straight and the worst symptom of all not being able to go vertical on a wave. Some victims of this illness may be older and crotchety and might possibly stare you down in the water or ignore you if you acknowledge them. Please don't let this virus get you.

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