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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Sao Paulo North Coast


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De Anonymous , 06-11-2007

- São Paulo North Coast is the cleanest water of Brasil! Beautiful!

De MACACO , 22-10-2005


De , 15-10-2005

surfing ubatuba - hey, i am a canadian living and working in campinas but plan to surf the weekends. can someone recommend a good place to stay in or around ubatuba that is cheap and near some good surfing. i do not have a car. also, where is a good place to buy a surf board and what is a fair price? thanks.

De Marc (Germany) , 06-05-2005

Where to go? - Where can I find a good place to surf and relax near to Sao Paulo? I will stay in Brazil till November and want to catch some waves at the weekends!

De , 17-07-2004

- Well, is you wanna surf at the nearest beach from São Paulo, I´d recomend Guarujá.

It´s about 1 hour by car (1,30h by bus). Guaruja is a place with plenty of good surf spots like, Pitangueiras, Tombom, São Pedro etc...

November it´s a good time to come (not the best). In november the weather is warm, doesn´t rain that much,the waves are not that big but the shape is good, specially during early morning sessions.

I´d recomend you to stay at São Paulo north shore (maresias/ubatuba) or at Rio cost line (from Rio city to Cabo Frio).

Just avoid the summer time (december/march) unless you wanna party hehe

If you want some additional info just email me

De , 17-06-2004

brazil when to go and where - I was thinking of hitting brazil in Novemeber. Just started my research tonight. It looks like it might be cold and small. What's the scoop? Is it the wrong time of year. Or are there places that break better than others in November. Any info would be appreciated thanks -Bob

De , 11-06-2004

- Can somebody give me some informations about surfing in sao paulo? how far is the closest beach from the city? how can we get there? how long does it take? I'll come to sao paulo in 3 months for a few years and I love surfing but I have never been to brazil before. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me all what you know about surfing there. Thanks a lot dudes!

De Joao Angelo (Prainha - RJ - Brazil) , 01-06-2004

marambaia military reserve! - Its a spot near from guaratiba(rio de janeiro) wich has many lines broking alone .....for 54 km alone...its a military reserve that nobody is alowed to get into. You only can surf there crossing a river between marambaia and guaratiba, but be carefull with the soldiers, they can take your board away, and you will never see it again, but if you're a lucky guy, and the swell is powerfull'll surf perfect and long waves alone,,,,,maybe with 3 or 4 guys by your side. i always surf there in winter, i saw many fins there but never know news from a shark attack. It starts to work with 3 feet and holds up to 8 feet, but its better with 5,6 feet......and you will try one of the best waves from rio de janeiro, and ....alone.....till 2004 was a 4 feet ...good rights maybe 200 mts of wave and 02 guys surfing by my have to add this spot on this website.

De , 30-05-2004

Trindade - Trindade is a region situated betwen Rio´s state and São Paulo´s state. Is a beatiful district of the Paraty city with good waves. But Paraty city belongs of the Rio de Janeiro.
Therefore, we surfings in the Rio, would like, that you do this change.
when you do it, I will send a complete guides about this region (south coast Rio´s) that have many good spots and in your site is incomplete . No more to this moment, and good waves to you

De , 08-03-2004

interessed to below to your site - Dear Sirs

I have a beautiful Inn in the ocean of Camburi vilage. It is in Brasil 2 hours and half from north of Sao Paulo.
I am interessed to below to your site. How can I proceed to get in ? Please send me all information

ana Teresa

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