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Trip: Tips for Summer Travel with Your Dog

Written by thomasdocket show thomasdocket profile

Tuesday May 14 2019 11:27:35 AM

Date: from May 14, 2019 to May 14, 2019

Surf trip description:
Summer means vacation fun and, for a growing number of travelers like us, that travel includes dogs. We love hitting the open road with our 70-pound mixed-breed dogs, Irie and Tiki, to sniff out new destinations and make memories we’ll always cherish.

Travel always involves planning but traveling with pets requires a little additional preparation. I work as a private tutor and help with essay writing online, so I have an opportunity to travel a lot. Before a trip, I do some pre-trip research, including:

  • Searching for dog-friendly accommodations. Before booking, we call the property and confirm that we’re traveling with 2 large dogs so we don’t have any surprises when we arrive.
  • Checking on pet fees. Pet fees are quoted in different ways —per day, per stay, per pet and/or per room. Check on pet deposits, too; some hotels say they have a non-refundable pet deposit that works like a pet fee.
  • Researching dog parks on the route. A driving trip means we need to get out and stretch those legs — whether 2 or 4!
  • Looking for veterinary care en route and at the destination. A quick online search can help you find locations along your route. Try the American Animal Hospital Association or PetSmart’s veterinary partner, Banfield. Print out or load your smartphone with a list of after-hours emergency veterinary clinics at your destination as well.
  • Plan for backup. It’s helpful to have information on a few pet boarding facilities near your destination, in case your plans change and you want to enjoy some activities your dogs can’t attend—or you have a personal emergency and you need to board your dogs.

A pre-trip talk with your veterinarian is also a good idea to learn whether you need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and if any other paperwork is required at your destination. If your dog isn’t already microchipped, your veterinarian can chip your dog quickly and easily. You can register the microchip number to identify your dog if he becomes lost.

Once you’ve made plans, it’s time for packing — and that includes packing a special bag for our dogs’ needs. On every trip, we carry:

  • Our dogs’ usual diet as well as special treats and chews they’ve had in the past. No one wants an upset tummy on the road!
  • An ID tag for each dog with our cell number on it
  • A second ID tag with our cell number and the street address of our vacation accommodation, if we’ll be staying several days in 1 spot
  • Proof of immunizations and our home veterinarian’s contact information
  • Car harnesses to keep the dogs secure in the car
  • An extra leash and an extra collar for each dog
  • Portable water and food bowls
  • Waste bags
  • A blanket that smells like home. We take this into the hotel room at night, too.
  • A urine and stain remover in case of any doggie accidents
  • Dog toys

If you plan to leave your dog unattended in your hotel room (permitted by some hotels but not all), you’ll also need to pack a crate for each dog.

We love traveling with our dogs and they get excited whenever they see their car harnesses come out. Vacationing with your dog is a great way to explore a destination, unleashing fun for both you and your dog!


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