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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Cape Verde

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De CsickSURFER , 30-07-2012

August??? - Does it make sence to go there in August? have no other time to go, but wozuld not go if theres no chance for good surf..Thanks for any info!

De mouche , 25-11-2010

praia - Hi, I might go to Praia for work and stay there for some time. does anybody know how the surf is there for grommets? cause most of the stuff I hear is that surfing is mainly on sal only. is there a surf school somewhere in praia or a place where I can rent boards? what about the spots and the locals? I'd love to have some news on this....tnx

De Anonymous , 07-09-2009

nice wave - i just quit about tryng to insert "coragi" spot and many others in this page.

De Anonymous , 05-09-2009

nice wave... - then people!! there is still much that I try to insert "CORAGI" in this page, a wave situated in the capital of the country, unfortunately,nothing.i hope to be able to have this privilege to one day find there the's a funny wave and dangerous too!!hasta..

De Neoalx , 27-08-2009

CV - You guys will find many pousadas and places to stay , depends how deep your pocktes are.
About the swells it dependes , since its location swell from north and south reach the islands , so you can surf in winter and summer , depending the island and spot.
Remember to visit Fogo island , nice waves also with alot of power

De Anonymous , 02-12-2008

- i'm going to boa vista in february, does anybody know some spots in that island? for beginners also? how's the water? are sharks a real big danger? thanks for the infos!

De Anonymous , 14-06-2008

Wetsuits? - Do suggest to bring a wetsuit/shorty? No boardshorts surfing? With that king of wind and a wtaer temp between 21 and 25 it must not be that warm.

De waterglass , 04-02-2008

sall - im going there in march....have you informations about see condition and hotel/posadas???

De Anonymous , 17-12-2007

cabo verde in jan for beginners? - hi!!! we are going to cap verd in jan. any advice on which island to go? beginners ?

thank you


De bob , 14-10-2007

ponta_d - Big sandy island that Sal is, Ponta is a sick point! I was there over Easter this year but only got two real days at the point. It went from 8ft faces day one to headhigh day two. Lots of power and not particularly crowded! Wind is always strong and crosshore at Ponta but you might be lucky! Locals said that it hadn't really broken since the windsurfing comp a month before, so luck obviously has to be on your side! Surfed the beachies a little on the south side of Sal, which was really only wind swell....beautiful beaches though! Satcks of building going on here though! Going to turn into one massive concrete site soon! Checked most of the island but ponta is the gem! One thing if you fly TAP air be prepared to be stung for boards (100eruos) a board bag! Do claim back the money youre owed if your bags are late... its 50euros a day! Go to the TAP office in the departure hall, with the late baggae ticket they give you on arrival! Good people, nice vibe, shame about the development, insane beaches and insane wind (chuffers will love it!)....good experience! Enjoy!

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