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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Busua beach island


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De , 05-05-2005

In Ghana on May 15th - hi there. Im heading to Accra on May 15th, its my second time now, I was last there in Oct 04. I surfed Fete Shoulder height and krokobite, mush. I'll be working til the Friday am, then heading up the coast to look for waves. Flying back to the UK on the Following Monday. Not much time, but well up for a surf if anyone wants to hook up and get some waves together for the weekend.

(Langland, Wales, UK)

De , 20-02-2005

- A friend and I travelled to Ghana last summer for three weeks to surf. We surfed all the spots listed here. To be honest the surf wasn't the best, but we a good time. Busua is a great place to hang out. Just west of the town there appears to be a nice point break, but it would need more swell than we had.

Not the best surf, but a fun experience. We didn't have any problems with currents and from what I have read there isn't a problem with inner-coastal sharks. The fishermen back that up.

De , 19-02-2005

what about the strong currents - can any one that has surfed in ghana tell whether it is safe because i have been told that you cant swim very far out to sea because of very strong currents.

De guy , 14-01-2005

sharks?!!?! - is there sharks in ghana?
in the area of accra

De , 30-12-2004

Reply to Keith - Hi I'll be in Busua by the end of Februari as well. Right now I'm in Senegal. Actually I don't have a board with me. If you know whether there are boards there or where I can find them, please inform me. I'm planning to surf there for a couple of months if it's worth it.

De keith ><> , 27-12-2004

Reply to Andy - How was your trip? I think the good swells hit west africa around late spring early summer (am I right anyone?), so I'm guessing you didn't see much action. Let me know if you did. I'm headed there late february, so I don't think I'll see much of a break either, but I'll be looking. Let me know what you saw.

De andy , 11-11-2004

anyone live out there? - hey, just read a few messages...
anyone live out there/ going to be there around dec. 04?
send a message if you like: quite up for finding some breaks if poss around Tema!

De anonymous , 10-10-2004

- ive surfed this place at 20 ft. gets insane. definately not a wave for the inexperienced

De , 23-01-2004

Stay away in January - There's nothing going on in Jan/Feb. Not at Busua beach, not off the island nor towards Dixcove. Cape Three Points is the last resort - haven't checked it out yet but I expect more of the same: 2-3 ft breaking too close to the beach.

De anonymous , 13-06-2003

no title - The beach occasionally has some fun, short, dumpy peaks. Can be fun.

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