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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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De anonymous , 14-04-2005

bali info - november will most likely be a bit rainy, w/west wind prevailing...which means the east side of the penninsula will be the fellow staying in kuta, you might want to consider staying closer to nusa dua (plenty of cheap accomodations) for at least part of your trip (note: if there's east wind, uluwatu/kuta side is offshore...if it's west wind, nusa dua side will have cleaner conditions) it by ear, feel it out...don't lock yourself in to a particular hotel...keep your options open. Whatever you do, try not to hit the reef!

De , 02-04-2005

off to bali - hey there,I'm of to bali november,for 10 days.Never been befor!!Wot's the surf like much money do i take...Anyone been then please talk to me!!god speed,,

De Rob , 21-03-2005

Location - I will be in Bali this coming September, staying in Kuta beach area. How long of a drive is it to Uluwatu? I plan on taking a taxi to get there unless there is a better, cheaper, safer way? Should I consider basing myself in a location other than Kuta beach? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Will be there for two weeks.

De HEY OSAMA , 10-03-2005

scooter hire - 25-40000rp per day for 100-250cc...bensin(petrol) 5000rp 2ltrs

De anonymous , 09-03-2005

Indo soon - Cheers to the previos post. My car was stolen while surfing in San Diego on Saturday, life is passing me by and I am heading back to Indo for a month. I was there for a month in Sept. and now am going back and hopefully I will be stranded forever.

De anonymous , 03-03-2005

im going to indo - im sat in a cafe in sri lanka, im about to get on a plane to indo for six months (5 in indo due to visa problems) and then back too sri lanka for two. before i quit my career three weeks ago i used to spend all day on this site and others petendending to be working.
is life just passing you by like grains of sand through your fingers........fuck work surf first

De , 03-03-2005

scooter hire - bali - kia ora,
we are staying 12 days in Legian in July...
how much does it cost to hire a motor-scooter with board rack that doesnt require a motorbike licence? what cc ratings are available?

De , 03-03-2005

Soul Surfing - Yeah im destined to go to bali- legian in april. im a keen young booger searching for that perfect reef in indo.
rumors say that down southhas the best surf of all. Anyone who knows the region please state the best location... meaning ulu's bingin kuta etc. thats or here's my email; ... hook a bruther up ey. Cheers and hope to see you down in the gong , cause thats where i live. Stay True.

De , 23-02-2005

trip in bali - Salut, Hello,

I’m a french surfer, and i need somme help, i want to go in Bali , but i dont know the price of a days in a hostels.for a night …
I don’t know how many mooney I need for 4 weeks trip in Bali.
Thank’s you a lot …

De anonymous , 07-02-2005

re: shortboard sale on bali - visit one of the spots on the bukit and ask the locals for a board. should be possible to get a nice 2nd hand one for 'bout 100 u.s dollar

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