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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Ujung bocur

Indonesia, Sumatra Mainland

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De surf camp sumatra , 28-07-2017

South Sumatra - I just want to add that yes Andy Watson did leave the area a long time ago. The camp is under new ownership and I was there just a few weeks ago. Its actually the best location along the point. But sadly the camp is worn down. There is a new sea wall in place to stop the ever impeding erosion and you'll have the best views of the wave. But other than that, accommodation is average and the food isnt great. The camp is generally empty. Its also over priced. Plenty of other better valued establishments either side of the camp...

De catfish13 , 28-04-2013

Karang Nyimbor Hotel - new owner - Just want to drop a quick reply about South Sumatra... there has already been a lot of info given and most of it is true, but to keep everyone up to speed... Andy the Yank is gone, gone, gone. Karang Nyimbor Hotel now has a new owner and agent, As those that have already stay there know, it is one of the best places to stay on Unjung Bocur Point. Check it out
and send an email if you want any more info. Longest left in front of the Hotel and other waves in the area if it feels too big... it is a beautiful part of the world with friendly locals; well worth a look!

De , 26-01-2011

The news everyone's been waiting for - News in the area is the Andy Watson (that 99% of people seem to dislike) - has now "apparently" been either "deported" or sent to "jail". So hopefully that'll mean less bickering amongst the camps from now on! Any additional information would be duely welcomed...

De ricardo brunetti , 10-10-2010 - we have a opcional rates for diferent costumer only ask me we look for the best option for you.

De BenD , 10-07-2010

Are you all crazy? - Got back from here a few weeks ago. Stayed at Andy's. I truly think few of the people that comment here have been.
-The ride over is 6 hours no longer. It is ordinary
- Andy runs a good show. Showed us lots of other breaks out of the way and food was fine. Yes there is some politics but for the most part all is good. He speaks Indo and employs Indos who otherwise have few local options
- Sure he has bought up a few spots but again he employs all locals to look after them. I didn't even really get the vibe he was chasing big $
- Karang had 30+ guys in the water in June most days.
- Mandiri great beachbreak
- Krui well let you work it out but on its day the right is world class with 3 barreling sections
- Some other great waves around if you explore
-Watch the police! whose comment is that? They are virtually non-existent so no hassles like Bali
- Wave quality less than Bali but still really fun. The difference is on its day you can surf with a few guys in the water and have incredible waves if you move away from Karang.

De Anonymous , 20-02-2010

... - thank you for your answer! I need to talk to my girl now. ;)

De Anonymous , 14-02-2010

my opinion - like anywhere around indo , prime position means higher prices . there are local places down 500m or so away from the left,cheap but prices reflect what you get,fairly basic.andy's place has all options,maybe too many,some like it there,others hate it,andy has an ability to either be really nice or an asshole,seems to depend on the day,next is ombak indah,they have basic rooms but also new rooms with private bathrooms,less facilities than andy's however the feel of the place refects where you are,in the jungle,much cruisier vibe,next to that is a new place being built,the owner didn't have a name for it last year but they also had private bathrooms,it wasn't finished but looked nice,best you go out their,look at your options then let the girl decide LOL , happy wife , happy life

De Anonymous , 11-02-2010

wtf? - I'm reading all of this shit hear trying to figure out whats true and what not. I gotta admit, reading all this makes it kinda hard to go to Andys camp, but to be honest, I think I will. People on here say its cheaper at Ombak Indah, but I asked for prices and Andys was the cheapest even with A/C room and private bathroom.

Even though I realy liked the video (youtube) of ombak Indah losmen and made me feel lots of sympathie for Nev, I will probably go to Andys. It hurts a little not to got to Ombak Indah Losmen but the reason for that is, I will go with my girlfriend and she needs private bathroom, a little comfort and so on. I guess you know what I mean, english is not good enough to describe it better.

So guys, any advises?? Can I go to Andys place with my girlfriend, surfing a little (I am advanced beginner) and still having a nice time with my girl at the beach and the surrounding area?!?! I am happy about any advices! Thx in advance! ;)

De Anonymous , 11-02-2010

Classic Trip - Stayed at Kerang Nimbor Hotel in August last year (Andy's Place). Andy got beat up real bad by some locals (fractured skull, broken arm etc.) so I guess he got what was coming to him if the other posts on here are to be believed.
I had a sick time though and loved the waves - good mellow fun and consistent surf for 9 days. Andy was in hospital the whole time so maybe that is why. Head out there if you are keen to go to Indo - definitely beat Bali and the crap Brazilian crowd in terms of the vibe in the water and fun, stress free, laid back island times.

De Anonymous , 18-01-2010

- Hi guys, just wanted to say hello to everyone from the part of the world your reading about! My names Chris & im from England originally & have actually recently moved to south sumatra! Guys the last thing i want is to have an online argument with anyone cos lifes too short for that but i know hundreds of people who have come out here and have never met anyone who hasnt had the time of there lives. If you want to moan about everything write in your diary's. Dont put people off having an epic holiday, if you dont want to come thats fine, more waves for us but life is really far to short for all this bitching! I know all the westerners you guys are bitching over and i can assure you they arn't fighting like little girls, they're chilled out enjoying life in Indonesia, its only you guys sitting at work or in your bedrooms having a cat fight. NOW GET PACKED UP N' COME OUT FOR A SESSION SOMETIME, ITS BEEN EPIC FOR AGES AND ITS JANUARY,HAHA, IM OFF TO WAY JAM, CHEERS FELLAS.

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