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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 China beach


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De wakeskatesnow , 10-01-2016

I love calling out idiots that think they know what they are talking about... - What up John K. - comment from 2006

De Anonymous , 23-06-2010

- hey ross, yeah i was only there 2 weeks but the waves were really fun. i surfed everyday by myself (was there with my girl on our honeymoon). im back in west oz now but will be back that way for a holiday one day for sure.

De ross bowen , 30-03-2010

surfing vietnam - Shame I missed your post about going to Hoi An in Feb. I went to Ham Tien and Mui Ne and had a few bodywaves before going back to OZ. I come to VN regularly for work, and next trip will check Ap Thien Ai northish from Mui Ne. Will report. Slim

De Anonymous , 10-02-2010

- Heading to Hoi An next week if anyone wants to go surfing. Any swell on the way?

De Anonymous , 12-12-2008

Novices Only - A few facts.

The wave in Apocalypse Now was fictitious and shot at Baler in the Philippines.

In reality the waves at China Beach don't have much power even at the best of times. You really need at least a mini
mal to have any kind of fun there.

The real "China Beach" was set up with tents as an R&R hangout on the stretch in front of Marble Mountains during the war. A few sailors/marines had malibus with them and surfing there was slightly more fun than being shot at by VC.

That says it all.

De Anonymous , 16-09-2008

0194-30 10 72 - Just rented boards from german guy, call this number and he will boards to your hotel : 0914 30 10 72

De forrest leblo , 08-09-2008

china beach - I surfed there in Feb of '08.
Got surf from overhead to knee high, 4 days in a row. With a little luck, can be fun.
Rented a board from a german living there named gunnar. Bring some surf magazines, wax, leashes, ding repair, trunks. Nothing is available locally and the locals will be stoked.

De rico , 11-03-2008

Apocalypse shot in the Phils.. - Correction here. Apocalypse now was shot in the Philippines.

De Dave , 03-03-2008

Most definitely - Just got back from My Khe and China Beach had some really long great waves about 4-5 foot for sure and clean. Banks everywhere and no one out. You can find boards if you try. Hoa's Place has a couple of heavy old things that do the job for about 10 bucks a day. Enjoy.

De Anonymous , 16-02-2008

Either does baler - I,ve been to baler and that place sucked. Charlies point wasa rivermouth break with a rock/sand bottom -must have been good back in the 70s when they shot the film. sucked big time when i was there and you had to walk about an hour up the beach to get there.

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