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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Australia, WA, Perth City

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De ethan , 02-01-2009

yeah boi - anyone who says scabby is shit is wrong they have prob only surfed there once or twice i surf there every week and every day in the holidays it was rated one of the best spot around perth so shut up unless ur local. they break good most of the time so yeah boi....

De tim , 09-05-2008

adam you loser - what the hell u reckon u bloody kook ur an idiot

De mad mata , 13-08-2007

shut up - get f"·ked buddy, who cares if the waves arnt that good at scabbers, its not like the people choose the waves that come through, get down south when you can but your still a surfer on any wave, i hope you dont ever surf scabs again, you bring the whole place down to your level. ive got barreled and spat out at scabs so i know it can work, check out my photos. dyk

De t , 28-06-2007

sure mate - yeah mate but did u go down south everyday cos the surf wasnt that good. na mate u surfed scabs, therefore wat im sayin is i know the surf isnt that great here but u carnt just whinge about it u may aswell surf it. An if u dont wanna, mayb u should consider another hobby. an ur provin my point for me mate, the other guy is sayin u shouldnt have stayed for 23 years, u should have just gone an lived down south

De shimmyshazbo , 22-06-2007

- you got it all wrong mate!!! i lived at scarbs for 23 years!!!and vow never to surf it again!!!!

De t , 20-06-2007

pipe down - mate sum ppl have commitments. u cant just go yep im livin down south. it doesnt happen like that. an yeah sure the waves rnt that great here but we cant do anythin about it so i rekon it would b better to take an optimistic outlook on it rather than just say how bad the surf is. so hmmm think before u comment on here again.

De Anonymous , 16-06-2007

Happy to be back over east!! - Perth, Hmmm? Spent a couple of years over there and it is so hard to beleive that Perth clowns actually think they have it good. Probably one of the worst places for waves and crowds in this great country. In WA, a small pocket of hope in the south west and a little in the far north, but probably very, very overated. perth and surrounds is full of wannabes who bag the east but havn't got the balls to live down south. Most of them would be surprised at how good the rest of oz's surfers have it. It's all yours!!!

De Anonymous , 04-06-2007

surf sessions - read the surf session made by shannon. he surfed for 4.5 hours an caught 20-30 waves. solid effort mate.


its shit - i don't get how people can stand this is always crowded and is mostly a straight wave..i haven't surfed it in winter yet but i wouldn't old your breath on this place..the crowds are massive every where is packed and i don't think any 1 up there knows the rules...every1 drops in on u and there no such thing as locals and if there were any they have no effect the place is too crowded to fight over who "owns" the break..only good thing bout scabs is that f it gets t crowded just hop out and walk a further 200m till u find a better less crowded peak or just walk up to Trigg...

De shimmyshazbo , 26-04-2007

scarbs is gay - mate this place has to be the crappest wave in australia. if you are planning to surf here dont waste your time and head south to margies. i lived there for 23 years and have vowed to never surf there again. crappy boardsnapping closeouts and kook surfers everywhere!!!!!

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