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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Australia, WA, Perth City

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De Anonymous , 31-05-2007

toms? - Umm yeh sure its toms, that will never break as shallow as this :)

De doggy , 11-05-2007

toms - this ain't tressels its bloody toms!

De anonymous , 07-02-2006

hrmm - i know exactly who made that post found your bike yet? i didnt think so :)

De BR , 19-12-2005

whoa baker! - U best not be leavin ne stuff on the rocks coz baker will take it. hes f**kin weird. oneday sum smart person will call the cops while hes chasin em wid a rock then he will be f**ked. he will only do stuff wen hes wid his friends otherwise he hell quiet. thought yall shuld know.

De kookhead , 04-11-2005

dont bother - u can all fuck off localz only ... u little kooks trying to put ur shit pics on here get fucked

De anonymous , 13-06-2005

local - im a local there and this place rearly goes of!
ive surfed all around there and death pits is probably the best. tressels has been good a few times but the take of is a bit shakey. shorey can go of on its day but that isnt very often the hole area is packed by kooks that think they shred but what ya gonna do

De anonymous , 30-05-2005

kook - That web site that that person put on is carp it is full of kooks.

De local , 30-05-2005

meh - if people dont see good photos of it they wont bother surfing it a few weeks ago we got a good surf in yeh i may of gone head over on a bomb and broke my leash and screwd my wettie but my god did i get sum good waves wen ever its good the kooks are no where 2 be seen as big rock 2 weeks ago they surfed it in the morning but the arvo cums and they cum back NO BOARDS only cameras fkn pussys need to learn to surf bugger it aint gona hurt unless u cum off i didnt give a fuk i ate shit on a bomb wen i tried to dk it i knew i wasnt gonna make it i didnt care

De anonymous , 20-05-2005

- therees only one good photo the rest r from the kook that thinl there locals and there not there all crap

De anonymous , 14-05-2005

crazy vrazy crazy CRAZY - yeeeeeeeeoooooow this place looks so insane u must b a charger to surf it. wouldnt wanna come of looks shallow and dangerouse must b good adrenalin yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

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