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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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De mark & kim , long beach, california , 17-11-2003

just got back from fiji we found the best resort(boat to frigates every morning included ) - my girlfriend and i just got back from fiji , we wish we had stayed our whole vacation at the last resort we were at ! batiluva surf resort ( sothern islands)everyone from the staff to the oweners were great. 110.00 fjd for a private room , even less for dorm style included 3 gormet meals and appatizers,transfers from the mainland,and every day boat ride to frigets. my girlfriend was so stoked about the snorkeling right out front of the beach. we will be going back to get married at battiluva , its so awsome we didnt want to come back to california. P.s. all the other guestes were so cool , no lame tourist.

De , 04-11-2003

surf access from vatulele - doing the honeymoon thing on vatulele and was wondering if anyone new if there was access to any surf near there. Is it too far to do a boat transfer to frigates ?? or are there better options ?? any help would be appreciated.

De kiwi , 14-10-2003

grom in fiji - Am learning to surf and would love to spend some time in Fiji. Do you know of any good learner places that are affordable and accessible?

De Fiji Drifter , 26-09-2003

Info about Nagigia - Yes. Read some of my posts on the Frigates and Cloudbreak sections. I discuss the situation in Nagigia. My advice, boycott the place! There are other spots on Kadavu where the waves are still free and just as good as Nagigia.

De Jahhhhhhsurf, and stop whining! , 26-09-2003

Nagigia Island - Anyone have any first hand knowledge of this place?

De kim,long beach california , 25-09-2003

what about sure &dive rendezvuos? - hey "been there"thanks for the info!anyone have info on surf &dive rendezvuos? so far they have the best rate for dive certs,and i think we would only have to stay 2 nights 3 days then we can move on to kadavu and etc.....

De cb , 25-09-2003

whoa, that's not me will! - for the record, i'm not the 'lot owner' who spoke below. although it's pretty accurate, i'm no enforcer. i've still only been there a few times and that hardly qualifies me to set anyone straight. i've got no issues with the owners of WBR. they seem to be trying their best.

De been there, enjoyed it fine , 25-09-2003

kim, try seashell cove - there you'll find affordable accomodation, reputable dive guides, excellent dive sites, and fair surf potential.

De kim,long beach califorina , 24-09-2003

anyone have anything good to say about fiji? - my boyfriend and i are going to fiji for 10 days.we are getting certified to dive,and mark wants to surf. he doesnt want to lug his longboard around the islands , can anyone point us in the right direction?we are trying to get ahold of batilua but they havent e-mailed us back in 2 weeks and several messages.we are looking for cheap surf & dive combo type place.p.s.icant believe how much everyone is bitching about fiji being expensive, its the cheapest place in the south pacicic!!!

De Straight Shooter , 20-09-2003

I don't believe we've met... - But if you've been through Waidroka, you obviously know the scoop. You sound like a 'straight shooter' yourself Will.

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