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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Papua New Guinea

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De Anonymous , 21-07-2016

Muchu Island and Vanimo - My best surf was in Vanimo and in Muchu Island which iff off Wewak. In Vanimo I stayed with a local guy called Solomon, great Dude. To go to Muchu Island I contacted George, a local guy who has a little accommodation business on the island.

De 57drht57 , 07-07-2013

add on to my last comment - Despite the short surf season, PNG gets amazing surf and warm water. I've posted a few recent pictures from Tupira, check it out!

De 57drht57 , 07-07-2013

surfing PNG - I've lived, worked and surfed PNG for the last 2 years. After reading the comments on this site I have to strongly disagree with a lot of the people commenting.

As I see it, PNG has a short surf season. The surf camps will tell you October to April, in reality its more like November to February, an it won't be pumping everyday.

PNG is a great country for a surfer looking for the ultimate authentic island cultural experience.

If you've never traveled to PNG, your best bet is to book a trip through world surfaris or the perfect wave. Both are relieable surf travel agencies based in Australia.

De ??? , 23-11-2010

- Dont bother,small,fat,short inconsistent.

De Anonymous , 17-07-2008


Can get good if you have the patience

De Anonymous , 09-02-2008

Surfing PNG - Totally disappointing and very over rated. Talking to the locals it sounds like it can get good for maybe 5 weeks of the 3 month season, so very hit and miss. Stayed at Nusa Island, accommodation was unfriendly and uncomfortable, don't waste your money there are so many other fantastic places to visit instead. The surf that we had was small and weak.

De Anonymous , 09-02-2008

Try somewhere else that is known!! - No this is not the next big thing, sorry to let you down my media following friend. Yes it is hard to sit around waiting for your next indo but i am afraid you will always lose out if you are already hearing about it and not out there looking!! PNG is good if you have plenty of time and cash. Maybe worthwhile for the aussies if they could be bothered giving up their well deserved positions at other quality loacetions in their part of the world. Not much point for anyone else as I have wasted plenty of time down there myself on a fruitless, painful search. Malaria sucks if you never got waves!!!

De Anonymous , 09-01-2008

Solomon Islands - Just wondering if anyone out there has scored surf in the Solomon Islands? I have read mixed reviews.

De Surf traveler , 15-12-2007

Well.... - Ive been to png, i stayed at nusa island retreat on an island over from kavieng, i have read alot about these spots latly and i can tell u it is so OVER-RATED, it is twice as shallow as mentawai's and very short, i seen pics of the place's we surfed, and they look hell long, but u can only surf the very last section, there is 1 good break, a left but if thats not working your in for a s**t of a time, but shane dorian's trip looked good but was in a part of PNG they is unknown! but i think there is a boat that can take u there,
final verdict=
Still a bit of fun but other south pacific islands are better, eg tonga and new cal,

De pooface , 23-10-2007

Travel Books - Travel Books say that there IS surfing in Papua New Guinea. With some breaks producing 6 to 8 ft waves during storm season Sept- Nov. Could PNG be the next upcoming unknown spot???

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