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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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De aquarocket111 , 12-02-2012



De Anonymous , 13-07-2010

wait'n over - back home after 3 weeks in vanuatu. Got about 5 sessions in total around pango. best time is reputed to be Apr/May. Got some good waves, but all but 1 day had onshore breeze. Quite a good scene. Will miss the warm water and local surfers singing to the waves.

De Anonymous , 26-06-2010

waitn - Been here a week with strong se onshores all over every break. Been round whole island. At least another week of onshores forecast. Here for 3 weeks total, and thinking I might not get a wave at all.

De Anonymous , 19-06-2010

Surfing Picinini's and Breakas - Just returned from a 16 night stay in Port Vila.Surfed 4 days out of 16.My fault tho' as I did'nt go exploring till later.
Surfed the left @ Breakas twice(2 feet and 5 feet)and found it to have shifty peaks and hard to wire.Tho' I am sure it has it's better days.
Most fun surfing Piccinini's(3-5 feet) in front of Pango surf shop.Longer rides on a higher tide,tho'I think it gets better as the tide drops and altho' ride is shorter,it gets hollower...
Did not surf the left at Pango Point,tho' it's obvious with the setup,it gets good and definitely bigger than everywhere else on low wind days...
I donated a board to the local boys which was accepted with praise.Nice bunch of fellas...!!...So expensive to dine out every night in Port Vila,hence we cooked our own meals most of the time...Or you could hook up with a local family and give them a donation for home cooked meals and a place to stay...
When the swell is up,The bommie in front of and about a mile out from Erakor breaks.Was about 6-8 feet one day according to my binoculars...!!..I had good waves so I aint complainin'...!!

De gt , 07-03-2010

August? - when is the best time for surf at breakas? may be over there with my girlfriend in august, should be some swell but cross shore winds right?

De Surfer_Linda , 09-10-2009

Vanuatu Surfing for Beginners - Guys, just got back from surfing at Pango Point.

Let me start with I am an absolute beginner, I rarely stand... so this holiday was all about practice.

Pango has great surf BUT is shallow, dangerously shallow I'd say mostly the depth was between 3 foot and 5 foot - even at high tide. With rocks everywhere.

Bear this in mind. I didn't stand for fear of cracking my skull.

My friend on the other hand can stand and mostly doesn't fall so she was fine, although the board got a couple of nicks as it took the brunt of the rocks a few times.

De guy baker , 26-05-2008

good waves vanuatu - been twice. July 07 3 out of 7 days had waves , just missed a 10 ft swell windy after 9 am. second time jan 08 had perfect 3/4 ft clean swell no wind untill mid day also surfed evening . need to get the right tide-2hrs off high?short rides. 3 locations at least. growing number of local surfers soem on planks! take a surf board for them if you want to make friends in Pango. good kava

De vik , 20-09-2007

what seasons best?? - can anyone say what months are best and safest (NO cyclones) to go there and get fun waves??

De mani , 28-11-2006

discovery - yes the joy of discovery, travelling, meeting people, sharing experiment... you're the one who is lost!

De kalontas , 28-11-2006

well done - the joy of discovery? lost on you

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