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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Dominican Republic

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De Anonymous , 07-08-2008

concur - well put on the fat german tourists. they seem to be a plague in the north.
the area is not too hectic at all. i will say when its tourist season, there is more of a local business push. but so long as you're a responsible traveler, make nice with the dominican and haitians (maybe learn a little spanish), you shouldn't have a problem. people will start to recognize you and know there's no point.
its a great spot for meeting people.
the few locals who are into surfing are a blast to spend a day with. dont be offended if they ask you for a meal or money at the end of the day. it's not their reason for chilling with you. they're just asking for a hand from people who have got.

De el chulo , 17-10-2006

yeah right!! - whoever thinks caberete is busy you are mistaken. The place is super laid back, with lots of great locals. As for people "hasseling" you for cab rides, buying things etc. Have you been to any other third world countries where it's any different? And prostitutes giving you unwanted attention? come on!! You were probably giving her some sort of "hey baby" eyes or at least checking her out.otherwise she would have left you alone. I've never had any of these problems their. I do agree though that encuentro has great breaks. leave cabarete for the kite boarders, boogie boarders and fat german tourists.

De anonymous , 07-02-2006

board rentals - anyone know where to rent GOOD boards near cabarette? jetblue doesnt let you take baords down to DR!

De anonymous , 11-03-2005

Stayed In Cabarete/ Bodyboarding - Just got back from a week in D.R.
Here is my opinion on my trip>
I stayed at Hotel Kaoba in Cabarete, $50 a Night w/ AC/Cable TV and Internt acess in the room (if you have a laptop). Nice place, you can walk to BOZO Beach its like a 3min. walk from the hotel. Bozo seemed to have the best waves in the Bay@Cabarete. I have traveled to many spots across the globe to Bodyboard, and this was my 1st time to DR. Here is my break down on the place.>
Cabarte was similar to Jaco Beach in Costa Rica, its is a mini town w/ lots of resturants/tourists etc.

Likes (Cabarete) -
-Good Variety of Food,
-Cheap Moto Taxi. Rides to Encuentro (Under $2)
-Variety of breaks within 1hr.
-Plenty of Bars on the Beach, (Lots of people to meet)
-Extremly Friendly Local Surfers
-Internet Acess

-DIS-Likes (Cabarete)
-Constant Harrasment from Local People trying to sell you things I MEAN CONSTANT! After a while it is extremly uncomfortable to walk down the street, its seemed impossible to go 10 steps without being harassed by people.
-TAXI Driver Harrasment, Literaly when I needed a TAXI, people verbaly fought to get me to get on.
-HARRASMENT From Local Prostitutes, Just walking down the street I was approached and hollared at, times I was physically "grabbed" by these women trying to get you to join them for a "massage"
This gets annoying when you are just trying to go get a beer.
-Exaust Fumes on the street were very discomforting, (alothough I have found this in most of my travels south, it is uncomfortable) The town is very busy with foot/street traffic.
-Cabarete Beach, Is Heavily Crowded with people, especially in the center, try walking away from the hotel beaches, tons of people selling things on the beach can get annoying after a while as well.

Bozo was breaking 2 days that I was there and rode it one evening when it was really good. About 3-6ft. It is a fun bodyboarding wave, and there were some ramps, it drops out quick once it hits the sandbar. It is a great waves to have fun on, nice little closeout sections and mini-pits. Broke in about 1 foot of water.

Encuentro -
Great Beach, There were a few different peaks on some days, Reef Was Shallow more toward the first entrace to the beach. Got Very Crowded on smaller days w/ beginners everywhere with ABOSOLUTELY NO REGARD FOR OTHERS. Locals Were SUPER FREINDLY AND EXTREMLY ACCOMODATING...
-Nice little Shack that sells Fresh Fruit/Sandwiches Ciggs. etc...

Would I go back?
For The Locals and Encuentro, Yes...

- I just found it unplseant with the constant harrasment trying to be pawned things.. the words, TAXI, TAXI, MI AMOR... MASSAGE, CHANGE AND AMIGO AMIGO will forever give me nightmares about D.R.
But all of this seems to subide with one good session...

-Take note I am a 24 year old male and was travelling alone, so this brought allot of attention from prostitutes...

- I was offered to have my equip. bought by some of the surf camps, so bringing an extra board/fins./ etc. can go a long way.....


De ALEX , 26-01-2005

transfer - I'll go to Cabarete in a few days.
The airport destination is SANTO DOMINGO so wich way is better to go to north of the island??anybody knows the prices?? THANKYOU

De cabaretejunkie , 28-09-2003

before it gets too commercialized? - i dont know where you have been, but everyone knows about encuentro...and anyone who tries to surf in the cabarete bay is ridiculous unless over by bozo beach where the waves are bigger and there is less traffic.

De anonymous , 25-03-2003

Another thing - If you are staying in Cabarete, don't eat on the beach, unless its lunch/brunch at Lax. For dinner, food is about 3X more expensive than the small local joints across the street. Willy's Seafood has the best Fried Chicken. There's also a kick ass Chinese food joint.

De anonymous , 25-03-2003

I agree...waste of time - Nice folks though, good food at Lax.

De Anon , 18-03-2003

Not Rideable - This wave dumps in 6 inches of shore pound. I'd give this a miss unless your a skim boarder. Go to Encuentro.

De anonymous , 10-11-2002

Pure surfing, not here - too many bloody wind surfers, head west youngin, there you will find the waves, without the sails.

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