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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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El Salvador

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De El Zurfeador , 15-08-2007

longboarder wave - yeah, it is indeed a longboarder wave. quite flat and really slow, you have to bring a bigger board. on low tide it's a bit faster, but it needs a big swell to be good! some say it's world class, but i think that's overrated. locals are no problem here, never had any in el salvador for 4 weeks.

De Devron , 20-03-2007

El Salvador for Sheezy - I recently returned from a month long trip to El Salvador. The waves were good and the people were nice. Surfing El Salvador can be summed up in one line..."Surfing is good in El Salvador if you like 'locals only' signs". peace

De Anonymous , 08-10-2006

couple of kids on weekend? - a few surfers? we were there in april and scored double over head waves but there were 50 people on one point break every day

De ozsurfer , 23-09-2006

A very consistent right that handles serious size - This is a very consistent right point that works in anything from 2 feet up, running up to 200-300m and handling very big waves (15 feet+). It breaks in deep water with a shifty peak and big workable faces, with a nice inside section that has hollower walls and the odd barrel. Sets can swing wide, but these wider sets are usually fat. It works on any tide and any swell, but probably best on lower tides and when a big groundswell hits the point. It's a lot like Bells Beach in Oz, with big workable faces handling virtually any size, with hollower inside sections on better days.

De , 10-06-2006

- it is a longboard or funboard wave. some of the older locals are nice but the younger ones will hop you ever chance they get. we were told it would be uncrowded during the week but 30-40 people on 5-7 wave sets is not uncrowded. casa del mar is the shit to stay at but expect socal attitude and crowds.

De might go soon , 24-04-2006

how was it with Epic - Mike Carol, how was your trip with Epic?

De , 14-06-2005

Epic Surfing Adventures - Wonder if anyone has any feedback with Epic. Have a fall trip scheduled with them. Any coments good or bad will be welcomed..Thanks

De Sunzal , 09-06-2005

Agro Gringos at Sunzal - Sunzal is a beautiful wave. The locals are excellent surfers and practive good surf etiquette. However, beware of the Gringos on longboards and funboards that hog the outside peak. They are uncool and not very good surfers, despite what they think of themselves.

De Waadsworth , 31-05-2005

Wow dude I'm a hero. - The best place in sal to get run over by some kook who payed a guide to show him how to surf there. Hey he payed good money to be there and its his right to take off crawling to one knee on top of you.Oh and If you calmly tell them to not surf so dangerously your the grumpy one.It must be a insecurity thing.I'm a hero dude.I surfed salvador.

De ozsurfer , 19-05-2005

Holds a very big wave - Zunzal is one of the easiest places you will ever surf big waves. Its easy to get out from the beach, there is plenty of deep water to hide, and the shoulder is pretty forgiving. This wave holds 20 feet faces easy, on Sunday 15th May sets were 2 to 3 times overhead or about 10 feet plus at the back and there were people out who couldnt even surf all that well, hiding on the shoulder. A good wave that, although a bit fat, serves up some nice clean workable faces. Like nearby Bocana always bigger than everywhere else, despite what local hotels in other spots night say. When its smaller, shoulder high, there is a hollower inside section, although dont expect it to be uncrowded.

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