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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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De tangetin , 26-12-2010

surf central america - Hi,
I planing to come to Guatemala to surf on the end of febuary,travelling towards south passing though El Salvador and Nicaragua
Would be great if somebody is planing on doing the same or got any suggestions,places to hit,people to meet?;)

De Andrea Kusters , 06-09-2010

- Hola,
The best Spannish classes are given in Antigua. A very good school i can recomend is It is good to live with a local family to practise you're Spannish. At el paredon surfcamp is the best spot for surflessons in Guatemala and you can practise your Spannish as wel. From Antigua they also offer special weekendpackages if you email them.

De Galena , 05-09-2010

Surf and Spanish Lessons - Hi I'm looking at coming to Guatemala Oct and am wondering if anyone could recommend a reputable language school? Also want to take some surf lessons!
Thanks Galena

De Anonymous , 06-10-2009


De Anonymous , 06-10-2009


De rick , 12-03-2009

SURF AND SPANISH - hi all, looking to head to guatemala in about a months time. Have no experience surfing and want to learn, in and arounsd taking spanish lessons. Can anyone recommend a good location where i can achieve both? A nice little pad on the beach would be ideal!

many thanks- rick

De Jose Hernandez , 02-11-2008

GUATEMALA SURFING - hello everybody.. my name is jose and i'm from guatemala. i'm realy interested in surfing. on nov 15th is gonna be my first lesson. any sugestions..?? it will be in zipacate. if you would like to know about places in guatemala or any info or even if you will be visit here you can e-mail me and i'll be more than glad to let you know any info. best regards.

De Gilesz , 19-06-2008

Hola todos - G-day, me llamo Giles, i'm from Australia and am coming to Guatemala to run a peace-type camp for teenagers.
After that I have 7 weeks or so learn some Spanish and hopefully find a bit of surf.
From what i've been reading so far it sounds like there are lots of banditos, pollution and the best places are hard to get to, so it must be good yeah?
Haha, I teach surfing back here in OZ, and just want to meet some cool local crew, discover a few surf spots y aprendar un poco espanol.
Would love to get involved in something worth while,
email me or leave some info if you can help.

De Christian Smith , 06-05-2008

Best time to visit Guatemala - If your only interested in surfing the best time to visit here is March and April. Its the end of the dry season and the swell picks up (6 to 8ft) in these months. Don't recommend the rainy season (june through october) since the rivers swell up and the beaches get a lot of trash. They'res waves all year round and if your looking to surf and do some sightseeing to, the the best month to come down is definitely november.

De Anonymous , 30-03-2008

want to vist. dont know when... - Hello,
me and my husband are wanting to visit Rancho Carrillo in Sipacate on our vacation but dont know wen is the best time to go, or the best place. we want to go when there are events, so that were not the only people out there. and we like to meet new people so we dont want to be the only two on the beach. any suggestions?

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