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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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De , 04-09-2003

Wanna surf - I am studying in Antigua and am keen to surf on the weekends. The chicken bus takes too long for a weekend trip and I cant contact tuboloco surf camp. Does anyone know of a quick way to get to one of the surf spots or is anyone heading down that way and can give me a lift?

De anonymous , 20-08-2003

To the English surfer…. - To the English surfer….So that is the way it goes uh? ---we harbor your pale blue ass for long months, and now that you are gone but you rate us as “conservative jealous freaks”…….tell you what….it is good that you are gone…take your British Anglo ass back to the cold fog beaches of Britain….enjoy your fucking Fish and Chips you DICK !

De , 18-08-2003

to best reggars Write my email - Hola reggars.
Si quieres saber quien soy cuando estuve en Sipacate etc
escribe a mi email, write my email
Un saludo reggars.

De anonymous , 18-08-2003

no title - I have been the only english surfer in Guate for the past year now.I have currently left Guatemala...Conclusions....Nice weather......some nice chicks..some conservative jealous freaks...the waves can get very good at certain places...all beach breaks are pretty shite and break in the same way..If you want a great night out check out my mate Christian,s house ( the
national junior champ)who lives in the dodgiest area of Puerto San Jose......

De , 08-08-2003

All that was said and more - Surfed Likin or San Merino over a 7 week period from Easter this year. Every weekend had surf 4-6' with no wind until around 11.00pm. A powerful break that when the swell lines up can give an excellent speed trip for around 250 metres. If swell not quite on the rip in the outgoing tide is deadly to try and paddle across. Not too many surfers all good people but surf like they drive - do not really understand dropping in or taking turns. Hook up with Maya Exreme (has web site) and Pablo will look after you and advise on surf spots. I don't know that I would dedicate a full surf trip there due to limited surf spots in area but take a board if you have to work over there or check it out if passing through - if its on it is awesome. Be prepared to take a couple of thrashings once it hits 6'.

De sarah in NY , 03-08-2003

Are there any places to rent surf boards in NY? - Hey, Its nice to see that there is somewhere to go to find out about surfing in NY or NJ. I wish I lived in Cali!!! I am trying to rent a board, I just started surfing and learnt in Mal Pais (Costa Rica) at the beginning of the summer. (Great place by the way). So, all I want is to rent a long board - should I bite the bullet and buy, I mean I know I'm hooked.

De , 31-07-2003

My beautiful country - Hello i'm writing to tell you that this counrty is the best place to surf, to hang out,and just to relax. I recommend Guatemala to surf expectually the town it's in. My town Pto. San Jose. This town has the biggest waves in where mostly all my friends surf in and just enjoy life in the beach. So if you plan to go to guatemala go to Pto.San Jose

De best regards , 21-07-2003 - Aftosa in the water?????..that is the worst stupidity I have ever heard of…three questions to , 1.- who are you, 2.- when were you here in Guatemala, 3.- you were robbed in rancho carrillo..? what exactly was taken away from you? Your minni squirt ? you sound like another Spanish bad surfer nagging about a surf trip…!

De , 15-07-2003

rent boards - does anyone know of a place to rent surf boards in New York area. Thanx.

De , 27-06-2003

No Waves In guatemala The country is very dangerous - Hola.
En guatemala hay mucha violencia es el pasi con mas violencia de centroamerica las olas son malisimas y hay
aftosa en el agua los dueños del RANCHO CARRILLO me robaron
no vayais al RANCHO CARILLO de sipacate.
Guatemala is very dangerous in the beach AFTOSA no go RANCHO

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