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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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De siggy , 13-09-2009

Puerto escondido in september - Hi! Im thinking of going to a place around PE 28.sep-3.oct. Looking for some nice rooms close to good surf for ok price..will be travelling alone so a place with lots of other surfers would be good..btw not totally decided on PE yet so id love to get a tip for another place in mexico or nearby too for intermediates. Im flying from dallas, usa. Thankful for any help=) Norwegian male 26

De rabbit10 , 03-08-2009

Going to puerto - Hey all, I'm headed down to Puerto Escondido next week. I am looking for info on places to stay in the mid-low price range. I'll be there for 20 days. Any info will be much appreciated.

De Someone who's been there , 16-04-2007

La Joya Part II - Come on who doesn't know where it is, after all... it's the shittiest wave in Mexico!

De alex , 19-03-2007

la joya. - I now who she to the south..Her name isn't la jolla..
Good Luck

De big croud at the bar , 23-01-2007

lame is in season - the other name for "la jolla", is "punta no se". it is so lame that this jewel is going so mainstream, I predict the spot and its excellant feeling are changed forever thanks to ripcurl. so lame it makes my mind numb.
have fun while it lasts those who know, and mourn the passing of paradise.

De Quico. , 29-11-2006

Surf trip - Hi guys, I'm thinking to go to Mexico for a surf trip. Can anyone tell me how expensive is a budget lifestyle.. a cheap hostel.. surf destiny..can I sleep on the beach? Is it dangerous? And bus traveling is expensive?

Thank you people.

De Anonymous , 21-11-2006

La Jolla - Who will be the brave soul to add "La Jolla" to Wannasurf?

De , 06-11-2006

Hola Amigos Mexicanos - Como andan los amigos mexicanos? les cuento que estamos planeando con 2 amigos mas (somos argentinos) ir en la 2da quincena de marzo a Puerto escondido para pasar nuestras vacaciones a puro surf....queria que me informen como es la epoca de olas para marzo y si hay otros spots cerca de puerto como para poder moverse en toda la regios y conocer todas las rompientes.....gracias por la ayuda y buenas olas para todos.....

De disgruntled Oaxonky , 04-09-2006

oh, it`ll be crowded - Don`t worry about that, Pat. The days of "2 or 3 other guys" are over. It`s packed, every swell.

De pat , 31-08-2006

La Jolla - Don't worry....
Most people who go to Mexico stay at Puerto...besides there aren't any signs on the roads or on the maps with "La jolla".
I've been there 7 years ago and I surfed alone with 2 friends, great waves. I hope next time I'll be there it won't be to crowded.
Orales huey!!

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