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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
Aprecie e contribua!

 Puerto Rico

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De Boricua Rasta , 18-12-2003

TO SANDIEGO SURFER - Hi, Check the PR Report for next swell! Yes, there are spots around Isabela that not all tourist know. Plus a lot more around the north coast. All you need is a car and a guide to get the best. Now is no school so locals will be in the water too, but weekends allways are crowded(depend on the spot).

De BR , 18-12-2003

HEY UK SURFERS! - I was around Rincon and it's a lot of places that meet your requierment. I'll let you know about prices soon.

De San Diego surfer , 17-12-2003

Crowds in PR - Hello,

Going to be staying in Aguadilla 19-28 December visiting family. Any help on any non premier type breaks that don’t get the crowds and are somewhat consistent would be greatly appreciated.
I have read that some breaks in Isabela don’t get as crowded. Any truth to that statement? Looks like I missed a good swell last week. Hope some more is on the way! Thanks for the help!

De BR , 12-12-2003

Thank You Brother Bills - I'll keep trying to give the best of PR to the world. ALOHA & see you soon.

De BROTHER BILLS , 10-12-2003

Right on B.R.ah! - To Boricua Rasta,
Hey man you are doing a good job keeping everyone posted on whats going on in P.R. Im in Hawaii and Im still comming on jan.5th, so Im always reading the little posts on here to know whats going on over there.
I appreciate the way youre helping out people who need answers on P.R.
You seem like a good hearted person with lots of aloha, you need to keep on doing good work on this site, keep the aloha, and keep surfing BRah!
Billy k.

De Boricua Rasta , 09-12-2003

UK SURFERS - WELCOME TO PUERTO RICO - Hi Family! I'm going to get the information you need as soon as I can. Keep connected.

De Boricua Rasta , 09-12-2003

TO: Alberto - - Hola! Esa es una buena observacion, pero, para la proxima, tienes que dirigirte a para cualquier cambio de informacion en el site.
Tu vecino de Boquillas Manati.

De uk surfers , 08-12-2003

wanted holiday accomadation 4/5 weeks feb/ march - we are a family of surfers from the uk on our first visit to puerto rico, we have two sons 12 and 14 who are average surfers , we would be coming for approx 4/5 weeks in feb/march. were looking for accomadation for that time around rincon, ideally a house or bungalow with two bedrooms , mod convieniences and if possible air con, and not to far from the beach. thanks

De , 07-12-2003

Wrong direction for Los Tubos in Manatí - Hello people. Pls. note that Los Tubos in Manatí is between Vega Baja and Barceloneta not between Barceloneta and Arecibo. Pls. visit :
Your Friend, Alberto from Manatí

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