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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Mount irvine bay


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De Sylvia , 19-01-2009

Some Informatioooon Pleasee - So.. I was planning to make a surf trip to tobago, but I dont really know when is the best season for surfing there... can anyone help me with this please?

De Skippermitch , 13-10-2008

Mt Irvin Tobago - Lots of fun! Oct 10th, 2008. One other guy in the line-up. Real nice and informative. See George on the beach he's a local guy with lots of help. Rented a board for $20/Hour, nice 7 footer with leash and wax. Fun classic right

De Eduk8ed , 22-03-2008

Eduk8ed - George is the man! Tray is an ASS, the waves are great and the vibe is irie.

De Anonymous , 05-11-2007

real waves - the best way to surf this place is to get in line.u need a board rented or a surf lesson ask for tray or george

De anonymous , 31-12-2006

Mount Irvine - I think this spot is truly overrated. I heard that theres usually a good winter swell there, but I just got back from a trip there and it was flat for two weeks. If your going on a trip go somewhere on the pacific where you are guaranteed waves.

De anonymous , 21-11-2006

for the visitors - For the visitors...This spot is our turff..its not a problem any1 coming to experience the great wave...just remember that you have to give respect to get it...( dont wlk on the reef!!!!! and dont jump to the top of the line up...Earn yuor spot!!) The fact is if your a tourist, in the water your gona be at the bottom of the order...jus wait your turn and work your way up...most of us dont mind url but remember that we have to deal with alot of ass holes who think they can jus jump in the line up an do what they want....bless up, is a good vibe.

De anon , 02-04-2006

Foreigners dont come - We dont want foreigners to surf our wave, stay away. respect

De , 08-01-2006

Surf in April - Coming to tobago from scotland. Waves r good here occasionally but bloody freezing. Serious mixed vibes about this spot. So is there any surf in April/ Easter period. I knew a guy from tobago who said mount irvine rocks, he owned a surf shop called saltwater, but moved back to TnT. email me

De Liam , 08-01-2006

MOUNT IRVINE - I'm coming to tobago in April, will there be surf or is that out of season? cheers

De anonymous , 02-01-2006

accomadation - hello all, planning on visiting mmt irvine in geb for a week or so, but fom the internet the accom is out of my budget, any ppl have info on less expensive places ? cheers. ps dont have a board with me so wont be crowding yuor lineup !

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