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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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De Anonymous , 23-08-2007

zeebrugge surfing august 22nd 2007 - On the 22nd of August some of the weather factors came together. Northern Swell, North-East Wind, checked other spots in the area -Duinbergen, Heist, Blankenberge, all totally blown out with white messy foam, no people in the water- at this time Zeebrugge was holding it up, on the set some realy nice walls with occasional hollow sections, not connecting all the way down the line and closing out from time to time but still some good lengthy rides. I can totally grasp the potential on a similar day but with a little bit more punch. Sandbanks are kind of shifty and rips that move you around all the time make for excellent paddle training and a good ligning up exercise too. Good Stuff.

De surfin' bird , 05-05-2006

the pope is a surfer - Northswell yes, a bit Noth-West, most of the time the biggest of those swells are accompanied with wind from the same direction, then the harbourwall can work as a very good windshield, most other spots will be blown out, and a lot of the northswell gets pushed along the harbourwall creating long waves to surf on, ofcourse it is nicer with no wind or a nice breeze from the land, anyway take a look at the pic, figure it out yer selves when it works, it's the longest wave i've ever had in Belgium, and ok, it does not work often all the way down the line, it is pretty rare, but that does not mean it does not exist, what you say is like going to Chicama or Superbank on a flat day and saying the spot sucks, so maybe the pope is a surfer!

De anonymous , 28-01-2006

- i'm the pope if this place ever works
north swell you say? impossible, the harbor wall blocks everything

De anonymous , 25-02-2005

24feb2005 nice conditions - i saw the wave working, it was freezing cold, i forgot to take picture, but it looked nice. swell came from the north, a bit north-east and the wind from the land, gentle breeze. i saw a couple of spots that day (blankenberge-oostende)and must say that this was the nicest wave i saw then. if i would have to judge the three spots i saw that day on size, length and shape zeebrugge would come out number1. especially outscoring the two other spots in length and shape, size was a bit a point of discussion but i would grade it with the same size, even the highest, not my friends who were yelling terms like knee-deep but you can't really judge that when you are not in the wave but looking at it from a 400m distance, and ofcourse when you reach a spot where you look at the waves from 30 metres the waves will appear to be bigger. So we surfed the other spot, in artic conditions, in the snow, hell it was freezing, first time ever i surfed while it was snowing...

De anonymous , 06-02-2005

at least it is a pic - Better one pic than no pic in my humble opinion, and it does provide a good overview of the spot, how to acces it , you can even see the swellpattern etc..., pictures of how the waves look are hard to find because when there is good conditions who wants to be taking pics, and also it is far out so you need professional photogear like a big 400mm telezoom... so you need three things, good conditions, a surfer on the wave and a photographer who knows what to do...

De El Potro con la turca parada , 22-01-2005

- No offense, but this is the most ridiculous photograph I've ever seen I kinna wanna see how the waves actually look.

De anonymous , 19-09-2004

wind? - For the best hollow conditions would an offshore wind be better? Has anyone surfed this spot with a south wind? Are there any spots inside the harbour of Zeebrugge?

De anonymous , 24-07-2004

- No, it's just as bad as the other spots. Ahahahahahahah.

De anonymous , 24-07-2004

- is this spot worse than other belgium spots?

De anonymous , 02-10-2002

what a bullshit!!! - Bullshitt get yourself informed!! Did you know that Zeebrugge has one of the clearest seawater of the Belgian coast (see resultrs on weekly samples taken). Most of the water of all the famous spots in France and Spain can only dream of such water quality!

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