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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Canary, Lanzarote

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De Mike , 17-03-2006

Arrieta - Was in Arrieta several times, quick wave , nice place to relax too... I like it!

De anonymous , 14-10-2005

swe surfing - i love this wave and its really good, when i was ther the locals were not a problem and im 13 years old

De , 04-09-2005

Arrieta - I went up to Arrieta last week, it was working good. Like it said, hollow and fast. Be careful for the rocks as a small rip could take you to them. Locals were not tame at all. I showed respect, but still got snaked all of the time. Never the less, got a few nice rides there. Greetz.

De , 26-03-2004

Great beach - I surfed here all week and no problems with the locals other than being good !! The rest of lanzarote was blown out or to big so thankfull for the fun waves there.

De is the place for all brain dead , 12-03-2004

Famara - Here's a pic which shows the dunes at Famara - perfect for beach bums and surfies.

De Arrieta's for grown-ups only, get it , 12-03-2004

I guess, many of those who complain about locals - ... have never been in Arrieta themself. I'm not a surfer but been there twice on holiday. We've been swimming and hanging around this nice beach quite often. We didn't experience a single problem between surfers and locals in which ever way. But hey, there's a much better place to smoke your brain dead just on the eastcoast at a stinky, rotten place called Famara. Beautiful long beach and lots of ugly, stupid hippies who're sleeping in horrible old fisherman huts in this primitiv village - you'll love it, surfie!!

De travel co , 09-09-2003

local kooks - man you local surfers are really unpleasant, you would not have a clue would you's, get that huge chip off your shoulders and treat other surfers with a welcome.

De anonymous , 22-05-2003

FERK AFF? No comprehend asshole - Went to surf their May 03 Got to the car park suited up then a English stand up approached me, "YOU ENGLISH" he asked. "YEP" I replied. "I would'nt go in then mate I got ordered out the water. I would'nt go in without someone lookin after your car." He replied.

That was it. Lucky I was staying in Costa Teguise not far from there.

My inlaws are lookin for a place to buy out there soon in arrieta so look out when I have'nt got a car to protect. See how tough they are out the water.

De anonymous , 08-03-2003

no title - ohhhhhhhhh my good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is not possible

De wayne , 13-11-2002

local wankers - I surfed there a couple of times and coming from Australia Iam used to a bit of localism now and then but you spanish wankers from this place - the term is fuck off not ferrark aff!!! at least tell me it proper next time -- cowards when on the beach though eh boys

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