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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 La izquierda

Canary, Tenerife

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De jamesjoslin123 , 21-05-2011

- Have spent many many hours surfing this spot, and theres no doubt it's seriously good. Some of the best lefts I've surfed and some huge pits! I've only experienced a handful of localism issues, on the whole, if it's firing, I always find the atmosphere pretty good. Standard of locals is very high, great to watch and learn about the break..!

De Tompos SCT , 03-12-2009

accomondation...? - Hey everyone, me and my friend are coming over to Teneriffe on sunday, 6th/12. and now we are looking for somewhere to stay, we are both 24 years old and have to say, nice and friendly people... we would love to able to live close to the ocean of course though we'll be surfing as much as possible. We can reant a room, or apartment...
if you have a place, please let me know...

if, send me an email at:

De Anonymous , 05-03-2009

only locals - such a nice comment! respect! exactly my opnion!

had some problems at tenerife! only answer i had, its the ocean dude, it belongs to no-one!

De Anonymous , 16-11-2007

Las Americas locals are alright... - Surfed La Isquirda, La Fitenia etc for the first time this september...
No probs at all! get in the Lineup, wait get your wave...
I really don't know what your talkin' about!!! maybe it's because I look spanish or sth, but I only met nice people!! maybe if if you sport the british purple beerbelly Style, I don't know!! But K16 surfshop-staff should definitely smoke less reefer, these guys hardly manage to open their shoppe!!!

hasta luego

De z. , 23-02-2007

Tenerife surfing - Just came back from 10 days on the island. Waves were good, terrible locals. Of course, not all of them (we did meet some very good people as well!), but enough to ruin your session. "La izquierda" is known to be an "only local" beach. Which may be understandable. The problem is that on the other spots as well the localism is bad. They demand respect but lack giving it back. And, they forget tourists are the main job supplying field on this island...All in all, a good surfing spot- good waves, rather chip, beautiful girls, great weather... Still, if your absolute goal is pure surfing, you can find better places.

De Anonymous , 02-12-2006

"Only Local!" - I have surfed all over the world without encountering any major hassles. I don't drop in, hassle or vibe anyone. Being a "local" myself (grew up and surfed one beach as a teenager), I know how it feels to have clueless people come and ruin your surf. Anyhow, first time I surfed Spanish Left, it was about 2 foot and pretty average looking. I paddled out, sat on the outside of the pack and waited for a set, hoping something would come my way. Before I had a chance to catch a wave, some dickhead paddled over to me and said "Only locals!" I must have just looked at him like he was from another planet, because he just paddled off and ignored me for the rest of the surf. After several trips to the Canary Islands and four years living in Portugal, I can tell you that this idiot is not unique in his part of the world. It always amazed me that guys would drop in on each other, paddle inside, get angry, run each other over and generally carry on like the biggest bunch of over-grown children I have ever seen. I think that the lack of a history of surfing in Spain and Portugal means that it is a first-generation thing. Their dads don't surf. Their sisters don't surf. Noone has educated them as to how to behave correctly in the water. An average day at Carcavelos will see ten-times more aggro than one at the Superbank! With about 25% of the number of surfers! Most of the surfers in Spain dn Portugal are young blokes, full of machismo and local pride and there are no girls or older guys in the water to mellow out the atmosphere and tell them that acting like a complete arsehole in the water is not cool. Instead of actually surfing to enjoy it for what it is, it is just about posing. Most of these young surfers have a pathetic "look at me!" approach to surfing, which results anger and violence. I can't imagine how negatively surfers from these countries will be viewed when they start bringing these attitudes en masse to France, Australia, USA and Hawaii. Well, actually I can because it has already happened to the Brazilians, and they are nowhere near as clueness as their latino cousins on the other side of the Atlantic. British, German and French surfers, continue to go to Spain and Portugal and enjoy the wonderful waves that these beautiful countries have, and while you are there try to educate them as to the true surf culture of sharing and enjoying together the gift of waves by being cool and not acting like a toddler who is trying to grab all of the toys.

De canario , 18-06-2006

tenerife - Hey, I'am a local from la izquierda, piscinas, derechas and fitenia, I'm just 15 yars old, and I go surfing probably every day when the waves are good. we are not violent at all, but sometimes some english idiots who have no idea about surfing go into the water with 2 metres waves, it is so dangerous, not only for him but for the surfers. even if you are english or german and want to surf in our beaches you can, but you can not take the wave when any local is taken it, we have priority because is our land, we do not go to england and ride your waves when you are riden it. we will not do anything to you if you do not annoy us. and we spanish always support each other, even boduboarders and surfers.....remeber to visit these beaches, because they are the best in europe....amazing tubes, hot girls.....canarias pa' los canarios

De Anonymous , 16-06-2006

- Do these spots near playa americas work on a north swell?? or does it have to be north westerly

De anonymous , 02-04-2006

- I'm from Oz (Gold Coast) and found waves here great. Can't speak a word of Spanish (will learn if i go back), met and found locals totally fine. Even met one up close in water after one guy snaked me, but he took it with a grain of salt on next set when I faded him, elbow to elbow. He falls off, I make the wave and alI was cool. Don't get me wrong, I have total respect for the locals in these amazing islands, and pick battles carefully. Can understand why they get pissed off with tourists in and out of the water, as do we on Gold Coast. Like the Gold Coast , we need 'em for tourist dollars, so we give 'em a couple of waves as payment.

De anonymous , 05-02-2006

pictures - I am a local of tenerife and some of the picures you have are not of the left. You have some pictuires of the right at metropolis and you also have one of el dedo. One of the waves you are showing are not even in Tenerife.

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