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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 North West


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De Anonymous , 13-03-2008

muckross - is muckross any gud for surfing??

De ryan the african lion , 06-06-2006

pray for surf - bundoran s one of the funniest and coolest little town i have been to . when the surf is on the place is redicously good!! you have to be patient though...i was there in oct 2001 and it did not stop pumping the whole month,,i returned in sep 2004 and it blew gales the whole month ,got only 2 good surfs..when its good i choose nowhere else...better than indo

De jamie b , 29-12-2005

locals - we are two tassie bodyboarderswho visited there in september.the waves were only average and not worth the hassle with the locals. the peak is a super-hassle-fest with the standup locals, and its much worse if you manage to find the spots where the local bodyboarders hang out! so much for cameraderie on the gut.. you guys pretty much ruined my trip.:(

De T , 01-07-2005

Not really - Man, Ireland is ok if you live there, on the coast, and can surf anytime. But when a swell arrives, it's usually screwed up with onshores too. Local weather conditions are essential to get good surf. It's not too often it all comes together.

De anonymous , 14-03-2005

dont go unless u know - All i can say is ,thanks guys for lookin after me ,the little ozzie in a little red car,but f*&k man if you piss off the locals you wont enjoy it..It is a classic spot but leave your attitude and camera behind and you will leave with a bunch of good memories ..anywhere is un crowded if you look hard gold

De Hossegor Surfer , 13-12-2004

- Does anybody knows what is the cheapest way to get there from France? Thanks guys!

De Peter Pepper , 30-08-2004

Mate, that's too much - A 2/3 is fine, mate. Ya don't even need a suit when the Druidson Winds blow- plenty warm they are, mate!

De anonymous , 30-08-2004

- How cold does the air and water temperature get through winter and what thickness wetsuits do you guys use in that time? Ive got a 4/3. would that get me through or would i be to cold in that?

De , 04-05-2004

spots in mayo? - Wondered if there is anybody with any info regarding spots in County Mayo? Looking at the posibility of a holiday there and seem to not be able to find out the location of waves in this area. Look forward to hearing from you.

De local , 26-04-2004

enough - nw eire has until now been a cool place with agreements between locals and farmers over spot acess and a cool vibe in the water between locals and visitors. this is now changing because visitors have antagonised land owners and surfers in and out of the water by acting like stupid fucks and have fucked it up for locals and cool visitors. now its not so cool anymore, so a warning to visiting surfers who come here with attitude...beware, the attitude of the locals is changing!

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