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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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De Nick , 23-07-2007

Board rentals? - Any place to rent a shortboard near Lahinch? I'll be staying near there in March w/family, so it's not a real surf trip, but I should have a chance to get out and can bring my own wetsuit. Are booties, gloves and a hood needed that time of year?

De Anonymous , 22-04-2007

- olà compadres!
its a shame: surfing & travelling up and down the european coast for more than 10 years, i never made it up to ireland. sorry for that! but this summer my girlfriend made the decision for me: up to ireland, she said.
i know that july/august is not the "best" season of the year, but is it possible to score some good ones? which is the best area in this time of the year? and how is it travelling & camping in a volkswagen-van?
thanks a lot!!

De remi , 22-09-2006

Info - Hey,
I'm in dublin for three months. I'm gonna move all the week ends to surf on the West, North, South Coast... If someone got news, or information to find the best waves in a few times or want to join me... it will be a pleasure! See u

De Anonymous , 22-09-2006

Galwegian - The only surf to talk about in county galway is out around connemara and even then its fickle as. If you are in Galway, the best thing to do is head down to Lahinch area - about an hours drive. the beach there can handle the crowd.

De , 11-02-2006

CNYsurfer - hi I´m a surfer from tenerife canary islands this summer i´m going to spend two month in ireland and I would like to know where are the best waves in that season thanks

De anonymous , 13-10-2005

- you will need a car!!!!

De , 20-09-2005

surfing galway - hee dudes whats's up,

i'm a surfer from the netherlands and currently studieing in the US. i february i hope to go to galway or sligo to do an internship. my question is is there good surf near downtown galway?
since i don't have a car

regards meindert

De X. , 18-03-2004

Mixed up pictures!! - Seems like some pictures are mixed up!!!All the pics.under the page of Lahinch beach are from the Left!!
The picture under the page of Lahinch left is the Beach!!

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