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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Portugal, Algarve

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De Anonymous , 30-03-2013

south algarve way too crowded - unfortunately the whole area is overrun by way to many people. better to go to alentejo or middle portugal

De Anonymous , 23-01-2009

RE - I was there that day - it was head high, not the cleanest, we got a few and then drank a coffee in the hut. half and hour after we left the accident happened - found out the next day when we went back for another coffee. Kids were playing around the water and got in trouble, swept out by the big fuckoff rock and got in trouble. real sad story, heavy atmosphere on the beach that day...

De Anonymous , 25-10-2007

tonel accident - first the papers said it were surfing kids in trouble, and their parents tried to save them; now I read that the kids werde playing on a rock by the water´s edge and were flushed down and dragged out by a rip current; does anybody know?

De Anonymous , 23-10-2007

Matt - Sad to hear of the accident, what were the conditions like on this day?

De , 07-03-2007

- is there any way of u sagres surfers to get into a touch with me? im planning to move to portugal and i like your spot. i need info on renting an appartment and in general life there.

De nope , 09-09-2006

sick - every tim i've been there its friggin gnaaaaarly at tonel. i think its facing straight into the atlantic is why that is. luckily if its THAT big you can surf Mareta which is a fun but smaller wave nextdoor.

De Anonymous , 24-07-2006

Rent a surfboard - Hi there, any place to rent a surfboard??

De sam , 22-04-2006

i agree with you matix norway - i have been to portugal at the beggining of this month 1st-14th it was great surf. amado is a good spot but quite heavy but gets better as you go up to arrifana carrapatiera etc

De Matix Norway , 21-04-2006

Sagres The Best Surf of Portugal - Sagres is a really nice Town, waves and beachs are great!! Tonel, Beliche and Mareta are great Surf Spots!! The Bar Dromedario in Sagres is a nice place to go during the night, you can see surf movies in a Big Screen and have a special meals for Surfers!! Fridays and Saturdays are the Best Days to Party, the Djs are Surfers and you can hear some reggae, rock, hip hop!! I was in a City called Lagos and was a Crap, is far from the Waves and the City is really Ugly!! The other nice places i went was Arrifana(Great wave), Malhão(Vila nova de Milfontes) good beach break without a crowd!! Was great 15 days in Portugal far from the cold of Norway!!

De , 15-02-2006

advice needed? - Hey, thinking of heading to Tonel at the end of March, what's the dealio with surf around that time of year? any tips on campsites etc? cheers, J.

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