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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Portugal, Central Lisboa

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De Anonymous , 24-09-2010

sesimbra - the beachs that i'ver surfed, Sesimbra is in the top, that wave makes me prefer the winter than the summer! locals no problem they are friendly, respect them like someone else...only one thing i don't like...don't works the all year!! but in other way we are looking forward the summer goes away!good waves

De Sesimbra Avatar , 01-03-2006

wrong description - Hey wannasurf, you changed Sesimbra's description, now it's incorrect. The wave breaks at the worst case at least 50 days a year, and as much as 100 in a good winter. It's definetely not 1 star, 2 minimum, but realisticaly it's a regional classic (3 star). So put this as it should.

De anonymous , 19-11-2004

not bad - Good when south stormy swells hit the coast... maybe it's the only plave where u can surf at all. Water is very polluted, please keep your mouth shut :-))

De anonymous , 05-05-2004

sesimbra sucks - Peço imensa desculpa plo que venho aqui dizer,mas ja cono outra pessoa referiu, aquele fotografia de um bodyboarder a fazer uma esquerda perfeita,e perto de sesimbra e quando (mto mto raramente) sesimbra da ondas passo sempre por la e dou uma surfada, mas nunca vi ondas tao perfeitas como aquela da fotografia. alem disso akela nakele dia devia estar mto frio e e imposivel alguem surfar d calçoes e d lycra.ESte spot tal como outros no wannasurf deviam ser retirados, visto que ondas raramente aparecem.e deixem se da onda parva do localismo.tudo e de todos.respeitem e serao respeitados. Boas ondas atenciosamente:anonimo

De anonymous , 17-11-2003

that is not sesimbra - That bodyboarder surfing a perfect left... that's not Sesimbra. Probably Puerto Escondido... definitly not Sesimbra.

De anonymous , 24-10-2003

cold or not - On the colder days of the winter in the sesimbra area (december to february - water 13ºC / air 8ºC) lots of people surf only with their 3/2mm full wetsuits, without booties or anything else. If you don't stop paddling for too long, it's ok. In September/October (water 19ºC/20ºC) you can surf with a 2/1mm springsuit without problem.

De anonymous , 17-10-2003

wetsuit ? - The dude in the jan. seems to be wearing a 2/3 without booties , isn't it supposed to be cold there in the winter ?

De lazybali , 22-01-2003

swell frequency - In the worst case scenario Sesimbra has swell at least 30 days a year; at best probably 100 days a year; usually expect 60 days a year of swell, with 5 to 10 days of really good waves. This winter (2002/2003) Sesimbra worked at least 30 days, and were only in January. Though only about 5 days of really good waves. What you don't know is that Sesimbra works when no one knows, when west coast spots are also working good, in good wheater conditions... clean southwest swells are not that rare (and are the best to surf Sesimbra uncroweded)

De anonymous , 21-01-2003

Rarely - Sesimbra has very, very rarely swells. But if the swell is hiting Sesimbra, you cannot surf in any other place in the region. Maybe 10-15 days per year.

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