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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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De kilnsa , 22 Out

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De Tahir Marfani , 17 Jan

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De NthWpgBasin , 27-01-2012

There Can Be waves up to about 9 feet on lake winnipeg. - The only great surfing spot is only accessable by jetski so only about a dozen people know about it. Its in the north basin where it goes from 20 foot water to about 5 foot water because of an underwater cliff.

De Dan , 13-07-2008

Up North? - Had a mate from Yellowknife that swears the lake fetch barrels in... anybody ever been?

De Neuf , 13-07-2007

No surf in Winnipeg - There is no surf in Winnipeg - trust me I live here! Great City and beaches but no waves.

De Anonymous , 29-06-2007

question - can you ansewer my question does in winnipeg do surfing?

De runa koley , 16-04-2007

visiting place - i want see local visiting place

De , 11-04-2007

i'll show you my Alaskan breaks if you show me your BC breaks - I am going back to Alaska in january or february for a few weeks to surf, and was going to head down to vancouver island to surf for a bit too. i grew up surfing in alaska, and have seen some pretty good days there. I have been living on oahu for the past 5 years but want to get back to some less crowded waves for a bit. i am getting a semi gun and a 8'6" gun shaped and i am looking to ride some bigger waves like 8+ plus hawaiian. so yeah, i'll play host to you for a few weeks and you do the same to me. shoots

De WestCoastRules!!! , 30-12-2006

Sad! - That's hurting! If you want to surf for real why don't you chip the snow and ice off your boards and come out to BC where there's real surf!

De Anonymous , 26-07-2006

Don't know what you're talking about... - I've had many good days over the years at Kincardine pier and other spots on that shoreline, rides from 30 yards off the pier to the first sandbar = 100 yards+. Having said that, Huron in general is not consistent for quality but can get big often with great peaks to chase around.

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