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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 LA County

USA, California

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De earthstudent , 10-03-2012

lost surf spots - I began surfing at Ballona Creek in Playa del Rey ( near Venice) in 1963. Fun spot! . Great lests on a south swell.
They built a marina with a big breakwater in the mid 60's that wrecked the break.
Here's a link to a SURFER magazine article , an interview with Stacy Peralta. There is a photo that REALLY looks like the Creek in its heyday.

De luis Eduardo Cabrera Altuve , 12-07-2010

porfa respondan - amigos surferss voy a estar en california por la zona d rancho palos verde del 18 d julio como hasta el 15 d agosto tendre suertec con las olas ? hay olas en esa epoca por esa zona y cuales son los mejores spots que me quedan serca

De ell , 19-07-2007

is their any waves in summer? - next year i might come down to visit an aunt and it will be perfect for a surf trip. but because its completly flat in wales i'm having second thoughts in surfing the summer cause theirs an avarge of 3ft swell. which could get us a knee hight wave over here. is it still surfable of will it be best to go earlier?

De Anonymous , 04-03-2007

re: rankings - Totally agree, as indicated, the rankings are kinda whack...

De Anonymous , 24-01-2007

- Get the rankings in order. Topanga and bay street both have 3 stars? Hello? What is the point if you guys cant distinguish between a crappy walled beach break and a long pealing point like Topanga.

De , 21-01-2007

Ballona Creek - Just driving around seeing if I can dig up any pics of Balonna Creek when it was surfable. I learned how to surf by the bridge and eventully made it out to the end of the jetty. Some great memories. There was a cover shot on an old surf magazine of the place

De Otter , 05-05-2006

Anyone ever surf Ballona Creek? - Used to be a sweet break back in the '60s and 70's when I surfed there. I hear they've extended the outside jetty for Marina Del Rey and now Ballona is no more. Ever eat at the Shack?

De Yes Please , 30-04-2006

UK Fat Chicks - I'll take your UK fat chicks. With that Britich accent. Hell yea..

De , 12-08-2005

In LA fir a week. - Hi im in LA fir a week and intend to surf as much as possible. i was wondering if anyone wants to show me around and surf with me. because i do not feel like getting awkard looks from locals if there are any. i respect the rules and even if some1 runs into me i will forgive them. or maybe i ran into them. but everyone makes mistakes :) i look forward to surfing LA.

Staying at the mariott airport hotel room 322

check me out at

im 16 hope someone finds me and shows me around.


De Welsh Weekend Warrior , 05-04-2005

Utopia - California...what a hidden (but unhidden) gem!? I can't understand why surf mag's never really rate the place too highly? Spent a month or two cruisin up and down the Pacific Highway from San Diego upto Malibu (residing at Hungtington for the longest part of the trip) in the winter of 2002/2003. Light winds until 1pm so glassy surfs everyday...and small to medium size punchy beach breaks. Kinda like you'd get Hossegor at 7am..sweet!Never too cold either!! The honeys on the beach playing volleyball rock too, U Californians don't know how fucking sweet u have it...if u ever go to UK, you'll realise what u got and the elements and fat chicks u don't have to battle with!?

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