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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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USA, California, Monterey

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De Anonymous , 30-03-2010

Scared silly - Yesterday, there were good waves marina state beach. I was surfing about half a mile south of the parking lot when I saw someone running out of the dunes yelling. I thought it was a crazy bum, but when I turned back around I saw this guy snatch a softboard from behind a pile of driftwood, still yelling. He didn't even have a wetsuit but he just paddled straight up to me screaming on this ugly foamie. He pulled a big knife out of this slot carved in his board and started swinging it at me!! I tried to get away but the guy was quick and he grabbed me by the leg and screamed at me to leave now or the rest of the crew was gonna come finish me! He looks kinda like a bum, but he was wearing like 10 gold medalions Mr.T style. He followed me all the way to the beach all I could hear were these gold chains clinking behind me. Then he just sprinted back into the dunes. I'm not goin back to marina anytime soon.

De Anonymous , 04-01-2010

Marina hellman - Yesterday I parked in the Marina lot and saw the guy who got attacked by the shark! He came up to me and said, "Hey fella, I'm gonna twist off your head and spike it onto the floors of a nightmare you can't even imagine, I will gasp at you inside the 6 sided winds of fire, unless you move from this area, far and fast, NOW!" Then he took his ice cream cone and threw it at my windshield! B E W A R E!

De Anonymous , 17-02-2009

marina meanie - ya, that guy ripped my wetsuit outta my hands and threw it way up in a tree! then he wrapped one of his gold chains around my neck, choked me, and threatened to feed me to the sharks. the whole time he was flashing some gang signs or somethin. you should fear this man! crazy!

De lurkcity , 10-01-2009

gnarly marina - i thought this was the go to place when moss was too small but i got heckled outta the parking lot the moment i pulled up. the locals at marina are dicks. throwin shit at my car, telling me to beat it. that one gnarly dude that got attacked by the shark was the ringleader.

De pure loc , 09-09-2008

watch out - you really gotta watch out at marina. if the land sharks dont get you, the real landlord will! be forewarned. . .

De Anonymous , 13-07-2008

Saw a shark - I am a pro-bodyboarder from Hawaii. I was driving down the coast to Santa Cruz. I stopped at this beach around 7:00 in summer. Pure off-shore. I was about to go out and saw a Shark fin and its tail breaking the surface about 75 yards from shore. I know what i saw. I did not get out. No fucking way!! There is something scary about this beach as Ocean Beach in S.F, which i surfed for two hours, but always felt something was wrong. it may have been the under water or the presence of sharks. PS: I am from West Side Oahu.

De WK , 12-11-2007

I thought I was the only one - Ya, the guy totally flipped and tryed the throw my wetsuit in a tree. All I said was "hey bro, how was it out there", and he flashed some gang signs or some crap and tried to strangle me with his gold chain. Watch out for this man.

De Dune Warden , 12-11-2007

Sharkboy - Has anyone ever pulled into the Marina parking lot and seen a large blonde fella doing an interview in front of a bunch of news cameras. Yes, this is the one they call "sharkboy". He has fought off vicious yet graceful beasts and will destroy your surfboard without warning. He is fueled by Natty light and pure vengence and has a taste for fiberglass. Take my word...avoid eye contact at all costs!

De Anonymous , 08-11-2007

Great white attack -

De ColdWater , 28-08-2007

The Smiling Menace - There was a non-fatal, but serious great white shark attack here on Aug 28 2007...tis the season...keep those feet up!!

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