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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Point sur

USA, California, Monterey

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De Anonymous , 08-12-2008

Jim Hill owns this land - Alright guys here it is. First of all- it was an Orca- or at least heard the story from a guy in sf born and raised in big sur. Orcas do come around that point. Ive scored this beach a few times—we nicknamed it cowpies due to all the shit you step on running down the hill. But here is the negative:
Surfed little sur just north. Sick left off the rock- as im sure you all know- wedged up well and just barreled.
Wonder why im writing this? Well the El Sur Ranch is owned by Jim Hill- who is an absolute fucker! He is the guy responsible for banning jet ski’s at ghost tree. He has the big mansion right in front of ghost tree. Anyway- after getting these two places good for a few years- I finally got caught. Got nailed by a guy nicknamed “blackwater” who is a retired sheriff and is now Jim Hill’s bounty hunter. His name is Don something. He has a pimped out truck with a shotgun and crazy radios in it.
All in all- we got called out of the water on loud speaker—and then got tickets for $380 from a real Monterey sheriff who he called. The second fine is short jail time + $5000.
We tried to make the argument that we walked the river and stayed past the high tide line- but too my surprise this property is one of two Spanish land grants- where they actually own 500ft of water. That sucks- and I don’t have cash to higher a lawyer to dispute that- so it is what it is. I talked to a guy that works for him on his ranch- he told me that he is the worst boss- and wont let the guys surf after the job. He told me that they cant even pee on his land. So all in all- Jim Hill is the guy that sucks—and he is protecting two very fun spots for no good reason.

De Anonymous , 22-03-2007

it's not the whales - mid-70s - it wasn't a killer whale, it was a white that chomped a guy. It happened a couple of times there, which since it's hardly ever surfed, is a lot. Plus now the fine is $240 if you're caught.

De Anonymous , 17-03-2007

Saw a whale in the line up - Last summer I stopped to check this spot from the road. After about ten minutes I saw the Black truck escorting a couple groms back to the road. On my way back the same day I could see a whale cruising the line up. Dont know what kind, but big enough to see from the freeway.

De Anonymous , 11-03-2007

monterey carl - Yes, Point Sur is a thick powerful wave. After surfing fo r about an hour me and abner were kicked out formally by the Navy. Try little sur on the weekdays. Its patroled too. Killer Whale story is true as i know the guy. It was the middle 70s.

De anaoymous , 06-01-2007

warning - definition of sketchy

De anonymous , 09-11-2006

history lesson - what most of you younger surfers don't realize is that back in the early 70's a mysto surfer was soloing this break and was attacked by a killer whale. The incident was never reported and the surfer would never talk to anyone about what happened.

De Anonymous , 31-07-2006

- sharky, long ass walk, waves always bigger than it looks. experts only!

De anonymous , 03-12-2005

Private Property - I live in the old Navy Base right by the break, and I've worked at the ranch that must be trespassed. The owner has a guy who patrols sporadic hours. The good news is that the first time caught is a warning, its only a ticket the second time. Good luck, it always makes me happy to see people surfing there.

De anonymous , 24-09-2005

Patrolled Regularly - You have to cross some cattle breeding field to get to it.

Plus it is patrolled regularly by some kinda ex-fed dude in a big truck. Looks like he would kick your ass if he caught you there.

De anonymous , 24-09-2005

Shark Bait - Surfer Magazine rated this spot as the #1 place to get eaten by a great white. I don't remember the exact issue, but it was around 85'.

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