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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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De Jose , 14-11-2001

Go Get 'Em - Can get excellent- usually very emotional, however. On big days you won't find too much crowding. Go get 'em! Its your own North Shore set-up!

De David , 06-11-2001

Ocean beach crap? - Reading your comments made me a little bit confused. Is it that bad? Are there any spots close to SF that you buddies recommend? SF surfing doesn't sound like sweet music. And how about sharks, quite few huh? I ask these questions cause I'm going there in January. Have a nice time. aloha

De anonymous , 02-08-2001

Gnar Gnar - Experienced NorCal big wave riders will tell you that big days at OB are often way more sketch than Mavs. There's no channel at the Beach. It's a mine field... bombs will come in out of nowhere and annihilate you. Head down to Santa Cruz or Pacifica if you're planning a mellow session in winter.

De anonymous , 20-06-2001

no title - what a wicked wave. wouldnt say it was a gift though- "fun"!
its got power and speed when good. when small- ok its less of a bruiser. def give it a stop.

De shaggysurfs , 07-04-2001

Fun? - you call Ocean Beach a FUN wave with fun power thaen you must not have surfed there much!
that sucker got power and beef!its a way heavy wave even on a small day it can hurt ya!

De Been there in the HUGE! , 22-11-2000

Go the day before a winter storm! - Can reach 20 ft+ faces, paddled back on a few. Mean rip current, thought I was going to Hawaii once, Powerful and heavy wave, when you eat it, you are kept down for a while, be prepared!

De anonymous , 19-10-2000

tough paddle out, holds size well - OB is one of the largest surfable beach breaks in the world. in the winter it holds shape for bombs up to triple overhead... if you can make the notoriously brutal paddleout through rows of powerful whitewater. Be careful... always deceptively powerful and larger than it looks.

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