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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
Aprecie e contribua!


USA, California, San Diego County

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De Anonymous , 20-07-2010

pjl - all those pics are of Ponto. surf out here everyday and know from experience most people who paddle out wont even make the drop. If you surf here show some respect to the guys who surf here every morning, not just when a big south comes in. PS... Do not snake the guy wearing one booty

De Anonymous , 22-07-2009

C'Mon Dude - Actually I have ridden Maalaea. Freight trains just off the harbor rocks.
Kook Boy!
Torrey can be really fast too, maybe not as furious and heavy as Maalaea, but definitely fast. So, fast in fact, that Dilweed's like you call it closed out.
Go back to Wisconsin Jackie and take Kelso with you.

De Anonymous , 01-04-2009


De Anonymous , 24-11-2008

- I just about fell out of chair LMAO after reading that line from "C'mon dude". Yeah, South Torrey Pines breaking just like Maalaea, c'mon GOON. Just because you saw a picture of it once doesn't qualify as actually riding the place.

and another thing...Ponto is full of Tontos.

De the Wedding planner , 13-10-2008

CMarino82 & the Stizz need to tie the knot quickly! - If Prop.8 doesn't pass, then how will these 2 North SD county local dudes ever legitimize their flaming love 4 each other? They need to have the ceremony performed on the beach@Ponto 2!!

De Anonymous , 26-09-2008

ponto shmonto 2 - Yeah, I'm pretty much the best guy out at lower upper south by north ponto secret spot in front of the oil spot I park on.It breaks like a fat kid belly flopping in a swimming pool. Yeah, maybe the fat kid breaks better. Anyway, peace to you, bro.

De Anonymous , 20-08-2008

pontos shmontos - Yeah, Ponto is rad. I went out there with my mock ten finless aggresive boogie board (no leash) and got huge barrels. Better the teahopuu dude. Later. P.S. Lets party.

De Big Prokamzi , 17-01-2008

Ponto is too slow! - The truth is what surfers are chasing along the coast & this should not hold exception to that basic rule. Since the anonymous contributor of this spot has lied, along w/ fraudulently representing it by using images taken at other well-known So.Cali spots, the facts are it doesn't break with any power here. PHOTO #1 WAS SHOT @ NEWPORT PT. & PHOTO#2 IS OF TORREY PINES!

De Anonymous , 19-07-2007

C'mon Dude - I've been to Cardiff and Swami's a gazillion times.
Indeed they are good breaks too. But during summer with a decent southwest Ponto definitely rocks. It's nice and steep whoaoooo wow WHAT A GREAT RUSH.
Dude, San Diego surfing rocks so don't go off saying
what about this place or that place. Because that's so closed minded and soulless.
Hell, I've been to South Torrey when it's throwin' and it damn near matches Freight Trains near Maalaea.
So don't feed us that this place or that place thing.
On any given day at any given place under various conditions. San Diego ROCKS.

De Anonymous , 14-03-2007

best spot - Best spot for Summer swells meaning S and SW. If you didn't notice, Swamis is a right point break that is best on a N or NW swell. I live in Cardiff and we get some good waves, but for some Souths we're a little too tucked into really pick it up. Carlsbad gets it better as it's more exposed. Check out a map buddy.

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