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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 San Luis Obispo

USA, California

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De Anonymous , 20-02-2010

- hey Dustin i am down to go surf send me an email

De Dustin , 18-08-2009

Just moved to SLO, looking for someone to surf with - I just moved here and know nobody who surfs. Pretty good longboarder from Socal and not used to all this ocean wildlife, just hoping to find a feller to paddle out with. I'll check back on this thing for months for a reply, its worth a try.


De Anonymous , 08-05-2009

?? - Wow - how bout a little aloha - bro - I was born and raised in Cali and sometimes like to travel to different surf spots . . you got a problem with that????

De Anonymous , 29-01-2009

- So what did you Goons have for dinner again Fried or Baked Schlong? Rob

De Anonymous , 22-01-2009

- I would like to know whos website this is and what is your purpose. I am born and raised here and was curious what the fuck you are thinking? Where are you from, and why do you want to slut out the miracle miles of coastline? ROB

De poolskater , 22-01-2009

Localism - Seriously, localism is what keeps kooks from dropping in on the wave you've been freezing your ass off all day for just as you pull in and they just straight donk it and bail their foam longboard and ruin your ride. If you dont know how to surf, go to pismo. If you can surf, earn a spot in the line up. I'm from HI and you guys don't know anything about localism compared to there. Earn your spot, and don't blow out and blab about the good spots- If you surf good enough, you'll find out about them!!!

De Does NE SUrf here , 08-08-2006

SLO County Localism is a joke - I just moved to morro bay in Feb. Caught some good size swell untill april. During this period there was no one surfing! I wanted people to come to the points and surf with me as I was scared sh#$less by myself. After Puerto in mex for a month, I came home to summer where I found a bunch of kooks who knew how to surf but thats about it. Still catching most places with 2-3 people at most, except for morro rock, pismo pier. why would you want to surf there anyways.

NE1 hiring for NE thing, lost my job when I went to mexico this summer, broke, help!will surf/film for food and beer.

De average guy tryin ta catch some fun , 31-07-2006

- As a shitty surfer--but one who has much respect for all who are out on the waves--I can say that I would avoid local spots (and thus the chance of hurting someone else's hopes of having a few good shreds) if I could. Problem is that California is filled with locals and they all go to thier local spots. Can't get better in my bathtub.

De anonymous , 25-12-2005

keep dreamin - forget about getting waves to yourself in California, especially if you dont have the means, brains or balls to go somewhere else. your a few too many decades after gidget to expect that.

De Paco , 15-12-2005

Cheer Up Anthony - There is no need to be so mean to your fellow brothers. We share a brotherhood... When I piss in my wetsuit and it drains into the ocean, you essentially swallow it after you wipe out repeatedly. Be nice to your friends who want to be surfers and surf all of your fun breaks. Smile, Jesus Loves you Antho...or A.R... hee hee hee! Next time your in the water, offer the surfer next to you a hug instead of showing him signs of localism.. That way, we can all surf together and be happy as one group of wave shredding friends. This localism stuff scares me, and makes me want to think twice of leaving my puppy on the sand with such angry human beings. Does anyone out there know of a puppy sitter for surfers..? Thanks friends... !!! Lets all surf together at Pismo!

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