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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Kohala lighthouse

USA, Hawaii, Hawaii Island

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De keaukaha boy , 21-10-2008

bodyboarders ok - actually as a local that rips this spot up i can tell you bodyboarders are all good here. the usual laws apply of course but i like it heavy. when this place is heavy only soul surfer's need apply cause no one will drag yo ass back to shore!

De anonymous , 20-12-2005

easy - i dont no y u haoles even try comeing down there no disrespect or anything i love that beach the first time i went there i was 12 and this f****** haole cut me of twice and never even caught the wave no disrespect to all the haoles just that learn how for surf before you go the waves there are not bad first time dont go in the winter cuz the waves are pounding right now im gonna go on thursday so tourist stay away

De anonymous , 10-11-2005

Get a clue - Who ever you are you're a kook. Why would you move to a town that has enjoyed it empty surf spots and put it on the map. You have no respect for those who have lived and surfed here long before you even came to Hawaii. It's kooks like you that give meaning to the term (HAOLE).
p.s. I'm sure your not a real surfer so this note won't mean anything to you.

De Kohala Haole , 14-09-2005

The Attitude - Look the surfs allright, be respectful dont drop-in, and if your coming out for the day and theres a project going on (digging out the stairs so people can get down to the surf without killing themselves) help out for 10 minutes and youll get all the surf and aloha you want. Oh yeah if you see the old guys on the longboards watch out, they always get the right of way.

De Haole Sean , 08-05-2005

Kohala Magic - I lived in kapa'au for over a year and surfed Lighthouse regularly. There are actually several breaks. The main peak has a left that can be spectacular that lines up pretty much straight off the cliff head. The right coming off the peak is known as "Dog reef" and it can be a good barrel but there are boulders sticking up and you have to navigate through them. The right that breaks across the bay off of the the lighthouse is called "canoes" and in my opinion is just as fun as the main left. You can surf canoes alone while 15 people are crowded onto the peak. On the bigger swells there is a "cloudbreak" that breaks way outside of the main peak even with the lighthouse. I've seen the entire bay closeout and a barrel at Canoes so big a school bus would fit in it!!! As for locals, most are cool as hell. The haole crew in Kohala rip and are laidback.Many local boys can be punks in Hawaii but will open up eventually if your cool. The local crew I surfed with used to purposely paddle out with stinkeye so that haole's would think they were enforcers and would back off the waves...pretty funny. The real Hawaiians are the nicest people you will ever meet. They really will show aloha in the deepest sense. As for the tiger sharks, there legit. 15 years ago they used to have big hunts for them in Kohala and would kill hundreds of them. I've seen two while out surfing, and when a cow falls off the cliff many will come in and devour it. Overall, this spot is serious and not for beginners. Kohala is a magical place with many secret's the Big Islands north shore.

De space invader , 20-09-2004

winters coming - I think Light House is going to go off this winter. So guys get ready. I say who cares what anybody says if you like surf then surf if you no like surf no surf.

De Class of '91 , 11-09-2004

Kohala memories - I grew up in Kohala and cannot believe some of the things that were in the write up about Lighthouse. My family and I surfed this spot back before even most of the other local surfers paddled out. When it was flat we would cross net, when it was big we would paddle out and be absolutely stoked! As it got more and more well known we still treated the "outsiders" with much aloha and enjoyed it together.
The only problems we found was the attitude that some of the mainlanders brought with them. Treat the spot and the locals with due respect and you will be fine. God made this spot for our enjoyment - don't respect one of His greatest creations! Kamakani O Kohala!!

De anonymous , 30-06-2004

Robbers?! - brah we no steel or rob...we is nice as long as u no start shit and talk crap about us dat ain't true.anywayz ALOHAZ!!!

De kekoa , 13-03-2004

for all the local brahs , aloha from washington. - I liked reading these messages from all over the country about how bad the locals are to the haoles in hawaii. I was born and raised in hawaii and moved here to become five-o in seattle. And where ever I surfed in the mainland the locals would intimidate you with their looks but in the water they couldn't surf for nothing. I think that when you surf ankle slappers all your life and never surfed waves with juice that people tend to be protective of crappy surf that they have. hate the game not the player don't be a player hater.aloha kakou

De escobar , 31-01-2004

foreigners? - uh, does not matter how long you have been there or even if you were born there. There are plenty of outsiders that have contributed to Hawaii's environmental demise and started with the first polnesians that arrived in Hawaii. Keep it real...most of the "Locals" claiming to be Hawaiian with their big Hawaiian stickers are decendants of migrant farmers from everywhere in asia except polynesia. ignorance is perpetual as denial in some areas. we are all humans with a finite space and resources. stop being so petty with whose land blah blah the land was there a long time before it was "discovered" and it will be there a long time after you are gone.

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