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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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USA, Hawaii, Maui

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De jakerocks22 , 21-12-2010

Seriously? - Like any of you actually have surfed Jaws OR Cortez.

De Anonymous , 05-04-2009

- This place is a big mushball

De asd , 31-03-2009

------- - Jaws is really fun, but if u got the time, got to cortez 60-70ft waves tow-in
really sick

De Anonymous , 06-12-2008

cortez is bigger - jaws is nothin they think if ther is eva gona b a 100 foot wave it iz gona hapn at cortez bank!! think about it!!!!!

De The Haole King from Cali , 09-07-2008

Lard Hamilton rox - Seriously, this place should be named "Gums", not "Jaws" because it looks pretty toothless to me. I could probably paddle into some sets on my 5'6" Fish here, no jetski needed.

If you want some SERIOUS surf, come to Cali and tow into some monsters at Outside Tourmaline. Make "Gums" look a typical summer day at Waikiki.


De Anonymous , 12-04-2008

fishy - Yea, i agree.the great lakes
on a spring swell.Goes off like a frog in a sock.As for jaws.there were guys tearing it up on their foamies for years before laird came along

De Anonymous , 08-04-2008

DUMB ASS - that guys is a dumb ass. 1500 foot wave my ass. and if he wants to compare himself to laird hamilton then hes just an idiot

De Anonymous , 08-01-2008

Dude no 150 ft. jaws - the biggest its been was 80ft- to maybe 90ft that guys on crack, and the great lakes dont get 1500 ft waves either. theres never been a recording of a wave over 110ft

De Anonymous , 09-12-2007

Local - Yea I know Ive lived in maui for 20 years and you don't need no Jet-ski. I was there before laird Hamiliton was, and I was surfing 150 ft. waves with a 6.4 Jaws is weak, if you want some real big waves try towing into the great lakes on a spring swell, now thats scary, theres nothing like looking at a 1500 ft. wave.

De Anonymous , 17-11-2007

delusional , wake up? - thats what you guys need to do. wake up and hardin up n stop thinking you need a jetski for jaws, thats delusional.

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