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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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De Ikea , 22-09-2007

- No bad behavior in the water.
I got yelled at when paddling out, stuck in between two others surfers i blocked a guy who had to stop going for the wave.
He then yelled at me, i apologized and explained that i couldn't do much, still one of his friend came to me and told me to shut up and calm down.
It's cool for you guys if you did not have a bad experience, but in two years in hawaii, that was the only time i had a bad vibe in the water.
Furthermore friends of mine agree with me about this spot.
Of course i don't say it'slike that every day, but on a very good day it seems to be so.

De Anonymous , 30-07-2007

- I agree with the guy below me. Race usually doesn't matter out there. I am from texas and as white as can be. As long as you now what you are doing then you shouldn't have any problems out there. Just mind your positions on the waves and back off to who ever if the have position on you. Love this wave can be very fast and fun. So many breaks out there right by it too if it gets too crowed and it does!

De SF Local , 09-07-2007

Maybe it's you. - I haven't had any such experience after making several trips to the Islands. Probably because I show respect to the locals. I back off if we are both paddling for the same wave. When paddling out, I paddle into and take the whitewater on the head to stay out of the way of the rider. And I don't try chasing down every wave. Still, I get plenty of waves. After a couple days, the locals say hello when I paddle out. There are no cheers or thanks for being there from the locals, but I do get smiles. I'm just tolerated because I'm polite. Try it.

De Ikea , 01-07-2007

So many locals are racist on this spot - just coming back from concessions after a whole good sessions at big right, and I want to say that I am fed up with local racisme in the water at concessions.
Locals can get so racist on this break, i was shocked.
Water belongs to everybody !

De Dawn Patrol Gang , 26-01-2006

Edit 2 - I agree with Townie...they`re forgetting Big about Courts, Half-holes, Second-Holes....? All good spots....

De Joe Townie , 17-07-2005

Edit - I just did an edit on this spot. We'll see if this site puts it up. I doubt it though. I did three reviews for them to put up (Big Rights, Kaiko's, and Day Star) but none of them have been put in, and that was like three weeks ago.

De , 30-06-2005

What the Fuck - You know this break isn't a point break?
And even when there's a swell it fuckin sucks still
It closes out with big rights right next to it
and it's not hollow, fast, or awesome
it's like a short version of Waikiki
the wave sucks dick
it's like one star
not fricken five
you guys must of guessed
the guy who went surfing there and reported it must of been on dope or something
peace out
reggae for life

De anonymous , 27-04-2005

kinda old japanese guy? - that's half the people out there in the mornings... and most of them are cool. so don't go dropping in on any kinda old japanese guys you see. oh, and if you've never been to concessions, don't go. it's awful. horrible. worst wave in the world. go to bowls instead.

De anonymous , 22-04-2005

Just fun, not freakin epic - Exactly man. It can be fun, you can catch some air out there and get a not bad tube and do cutbacks. NOT EPIC.

De Murf the Surf , 04-04-2005

ha ha ha - This spot is fun and less crowded, probably it best attribute. But, not a 5 star place. Get it straight.

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