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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Puaena point

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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De Anonymous , 04-10-2010

not good any more!!!!!! - Pua'ena is not good anymore! It is owned by SUP surfers!!!!!! Plus there are a lot more sharks than before, due to the shark tours!

De Anonymous , 12-08-2010

Sharks- always been there, always will - I think someone mentioned sharks earlier and boats offering shark tours- well, anywhere near harbors (and on Oahu) has sharks. Puaena Pt. has hammerheads sitting in the channel all the time; take a dive if you're out and you might see them. But sharks- there's always sharks.

De K. Douglas, Haleiwa, Oahu , 23-10-2006

Sharks at Puaena Pt. - Be informed. Pua'ena Point is just outside Hale'iwa Boat Harbor. It is a fun break. It can be awesome when it gets big. Due to the start-up companies running their "Shark Tour" boats in and out of the harbor all day long, there are increasingly more and more sightings of sharks following the boats back into the harbor area. Additionally, paddlers have reported sightings around the green harbor buoy (closest buoy to the surf break).

De Anonymous , 12-09-2006

good spot - my friend took me here when everything else was pumping solid 4's to 6's..when it gets big, beginners usually have to paddle out from the bay instead of jumping from the rocks, as i had to do that im more experienced its a good spot no matter how big, but if youre new, watch out for the current that flows right to left while looking out from shore, that current will take you right to the big rock in the middle of the bay..other than that,good spot.

De J , 02-03-2005

Pua'ena is great... - This place is so much fun. I learned to surf there and as I gained experience I just moved to the next break out. It gets a little scary when it is huge, but the big left wall is worth it. Tons of fun and the people there are friendly. Do be careful of the currents and the rocky outcrop though. Show respect and get respect!

De anon , 21-01-2005

sharks= yes - Yeah, there are hammerheads down at the bottom cus it's near the harbor. But don't let that worry you, they usually don't botha nobody. Just surf with your buddies and be careful around dusk.

De Billy M , 04-09-2004

Sharks - I've been told this is a sharky spot. I don't know. I never saw one. It's a little creepy being out there alone sometimes though..

De , 26-08-2004

HELP!! - puena point.....sharks?

De , 25-05-2004

shwooooop! - that's the sound the nice right hand barrel makes, line up with the war memorial and the green buoy, on a 10 to 12 feet north/northwest its about 4 to 5 feet and mean, nice easy wave but mean current, I paddled out when the shore was 18 to 20 and it was breaking about 8 feet on the inside but too ledgy and currenty to ride, no chance 'em, 10 to 12 foot swell is the best, this spot is usually 1/2 to 3/4 the size of the rest of the shore. Getting more and more crowded these days.

De Chaz , 18-04-2004

Great Spot at Times - You really have to love PP. Awesome spot. The traditional takeoff zone is a left and is often croweded. There are three different belts of surfing here. The far outside left, the middle, and the inside for groms or those just learning. You'll likely see Sunset Suzy or another class in session there. When it gets big, I like the rights from out out the Cheese Grater rock. You can get totally stoked from here and I surf a 10-11 and even a 12 foot gun outside PP. The spot is called incinerators actually but most call it Outside Puena Point. You just have to make sure it is big enough (10 foot faces plus) in order to make it around the cheese grater rock. Otherwise, keep the rock to you immediate left and make very sharp rights. If you decide to face the crowd on the outside left, prepare for Malibu drop-in's and some bumps and bruises. Bring some quick fix for your ride. Weekends are really bad especially when everywhere else is huge.

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