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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 2nd beach

USA, North East, Southern New England

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De Jaimie819 , 15-07-2008

- so I'm a beginner...but am up for this a good spot?

De Anonymous , 10-06-2008

oh boy - If this beach is too hard to find than you must be slightly retarded.About the kooks,yeah there are kooks everywhere on the eastcoast, so what?????

De Anonymous , 09-01-2008

lame - this break is very hard to find when its good. it needs just the right swell direction and size. too big its mushes out and is one big close out or its usually too small and weak. good wave to mess around on. watch out for the swarms of kooks out there

De , 17-05-2007

What?? - I'm sorry, but if you the "normal" ride distance is 150 to 300 METERS long than nothing else you say on this can be trusted. 300 meter rides at J-bay are considered normal, if not long. But if you get one that long at second beach, consider yourself one of the most blessed ri surfers ever, cuz it doesn't happen.

De surfer , 15-11-2006

an ill break - one of the best sessions of my life was at this beach hurricane offshore double overhead offshore wind a few barraeals fucking a

De Charles River , 10-07-2006

What a waste - TONS of kooks and a handful of surly "locals". Talent level is generally low. Expect to get dropped in on regularly. Boards flying everywhere. Red tide is as thick as oatmeal. Other than that it's great...

De Old Guy , 13-06-2006

You haven't been surfing long Mr. "Fuck Off" - Are you kidding me? The RI spots listed here are pretty well known and have been for 30 years. There are plenty not listed here which are the ones you should be worried about. Crowds at certain breaks are inevitable. If you're not a total kook you should be able to get your share. Or if you're so worried about crowds do some exploring away from NewportMiddletown.

De lester , 29-05-2006

- burning eyes smell water.good luck.
dangerous rips>>>>out to sea

De anonymous , 19-05-2006

- This place is DANGEROUSLY CROWDED! Broken boards and broken heads. BEWARE!

De anonymous , 15-05-2006

fuck off - who the fuck put all these rhode island spots on here what kind of shithead would do that we don't need any more people out there

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