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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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USA, North East, Southern New England

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De will32890 , 22-09-2008

Ha Yeah Right! - Every time i go to Naragansett, its either smaller than Newport, or if it is bigger, they close out completely. bullshit this place beats newport HA!

De devildog1633310 , 09-09-2008

Good spot - Great pre dawn beach break. Known for it's Kooks be careful in larger surf. Sand bottom makes this a kook paradise. If you get there early enough there is always street parking. Fall and Winter is always free parking right in front of the beach. Breaks best closest to the Coastguard House and past lifeguard stand #6.

De will32890 , 10-07-2008

Yeah ok - so everyone always says that Narragansett Beach is so much better than anywhere near Newport, and welllll yo full a shit! every time i go there, it always is smaller and shorter than over in or around newport.

De Anonymous , 29-05-2008

narragansett is ok - it picks up no direction for any swell and is dull of l-boarders but is protected from local winds making it glassy but with long waits

De Anonymous , 13-09-2007

fuck narra - sucks gets no swell whatso ever

De Anonymous , 20-07-2007

- good waves bad crowds and costs money to park

De Anonymous , 06-12-2006

- who cares if it sucks or it dosent its a wave to surf its all good ppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccceeeeeeee

De Anonymous , 30-10-2006

- I don't know why all of these people are complaining about bad surf at Naragansett. I go to school in RI and mainly surf Newport but I have surfed Naragansett a few times and each time I went there it was at least chest high and going down the line. This weekend it was head high with overhead sets. Maybe if you people know how to forecast waves and not just assume a big swell means good breaks then you wouldn't have this problem.

De JefFatMama , 09-07-2006

Surf Ups Bro!!! - I grew up surfing in CA and worked in Boston for 2 years; I only have one word to describe the surf in this area: SKUNKED. I cannot count the times I spent driving down from Boston in the summer/fall to surf and find nothing but flat,dribbly grandmama' surf. All the hype in magazines about the untapped potential on the East Coast is garbage; these pictures of glassy,head-high waves happen about once or twice a year. F**k Hurricane season!

Forget about surfing in the winter b/c it is f**king cold. People from CA don't understand how cold it gets. Try surfing when the temperature is 34 degrees and toss in some wind chill, you will have no interest to jump in the ocean to surf crappy chest high foot waves. Look at the pictures on these sites and majority are taken in winter months (December, January, etc.)

Surfing on the East Coast has taught me not take surfing for granted. I am so thankful to be back in CA and each day have an opportunity to surf solid quality waves. Oh yeah, most places make you pay $10 bucks just to park......Jesus!!!!

De A HOT CHICK who won't hit on you now , 16-05-2006

narra-what? - hey there um-matthew. I dare you to call the beach naraganshit while surfing there when first beach isn't looking any better and you wanted to go meet girlies. You go and do yourself a favor and clean up all those soda can nets that I picked up two weeks ago while ckecking out your "hands down" better spot post earth day clean up. I'll stick with my red tide and you can stick your DC flops on a glass shard. Cuz you have no right.
One thing is for sure at Narragansett- we can size your ass up without having to know who you are because you would never have the balls to flip out crap like that in a line up. Just remember that shit you talked when a Gansett surfer saves your ass at PJ's front door while your crying and puking on a rock because your'e tired, broke your leash, lost your board and are stuck in the impact zone during a FEB NE. swell. Our swells may not be first class but its dickweeds like you that give surfers the idea that territorialism is justified. So from a seasonal resident shut your mouth and insert your thumb now like you will when you finish reading this.

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