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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Santa Catarina


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De Ana Maria , 08-12-2007

- Hi,

I´m Ana from Germany. I and my boyfriend want to go to Santa Catarina or Forianopolis in January. Does anybody now how much it costs to rent a board for a day, a week or more? Because the transport of our boards by plane would be more or less expensive.
How big are the waves in January. We don´t need huge waves because we are beginners. 6 ft is enough.
Greetings from Germany
Ana Maria

De Lucas , 09-01-2007

Errors - Praia da Saudade, Prainha is the same beach of Prainha São Chico and it belongs to Santa Catarina North, Atalaia and Navegantes too.

De Lucas Cunha, , 06-04-2006

Ilha dos Lobos - I am a Rio Grande do Sul local and I am here to correct a huge mistake about Ilha dos Lobos. This great surf spot does not belong to Santa Catarina but to Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, a beach located at north of the brazilian southest state. Look for Torres at the world atlas, this is the place Ilha dos Lobos belongs.

De anonymous , 15-02-2006

right localization - Ilha do Lobos is not in santa catarina. It is in Rio Grande do sul, near to torres

De , 08-09-2005

Water - the water is cold during winter, june to august, I guess a long wetsuit is a deal for this season
the water feels like Sydney-AUS

De Charles Planta , 03-05-2005

Atalaia is on north Santa Catarina - Atalaia is located at Itajai city wich stays on north of Santa Catarina. Crazy locals!!!

De anonymous , 08-01-2005

- 'Local people don't want the gringos to know where it is???' Nice comment! From the picture I saw in Fluir a while back of about 30 guys on jetskis trying to run each other over in what is a reserva ambiental is there space , tolho!

De Thassio Kreling da Rosa - , 28-12-2004

Terrible Error !!!!! Infuriated - Wannasurf is the most complete site for surf information, to surfer from surfer ! But have a terrible error that is annoying the surfers in Rio Grande do Sul. The Most biggest wave in Brasil, Tcheahupoo , Ilha dos Lobos, is in Rio Grande do Sul, isn´t in Santa Catarina...Please, adjust this terrible error ! Thanks ! Aloha OBS : also in the map...urgh !!!

De Fábio Di Leone, , 16-12-2004

Ilha dos Lobos not Santa Catarina! - ilha dos lobos is on Rio Grande do Sul (State) not in Santa Catarina, its at Torres(city), down souht the coast!
Tramanda,Imbe,Atlantida is on Rio Grande do Sul!!

De Tiago Balsini , 17-09-2004

New Surf Report in Santa Catarina State - You can try:, the only surf report of Santa Marta Cape. Seven beaches with 21 digital photos every day.

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