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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Chile, Central Santiago

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De Anonymous , 15-04-2008

powerful waves - I just surfed Reñaca, it´s a nice beach. Stay in Valparaiso at Rosa Nautica hostel, it´s cheap and nice. It´s easy to hop on a micro to reñaca. I didn´t see any rental shops around, but maybe in the high season there are some. i picked up a second hand board at surfer´s paradise in santiago and will be checking out some other beaches in the area. the locals seemed cool at reñaca. waves were mostly closing out, but some were giving short rides. feel free to email me for more info!

De Jack , 09-04-2008

Deebs... - I surfed this place epic in late 2005 and for any Aussies out there it was heaps like D'bah. Solid, fast, punchy barrels, linking into each other to make some nice hittable sections. I loved it and the food, drink and chicks are sensational.

De stephanriederer , 05-11-2007

BEST NEW YEAR - The best new year ever! Chile is GREAT! Lot of pretty womans and awesome waves! but the water is freeeeezing!

greetings from Brasil!

De Anonymous , 16-10-2007

alright - here for a couple months, it's not that great, locals are protecting something not worth protection most locals are super cool only a couple dikes with mouths they can't back up

De Anonymous , 13-08-2007

Not that Bad, Don't Worry - Renaca isn't wonderful but if you're in the area it's somewhere to surf and has some waves all the time. If you're worrying about the localism stop because all that's there is some smart ass with a big mouth and no balls. No one who surfs at Renaca is a really good surfer so don't worry, good surfers surf Pichilemu.

De , 20-03-2007

Help - Hello people,
I am an exchange student from New Zealand, who lives overlooking the waves here in Reñaca until July. I can help with board buying/repairs and local information on good breaks, and also provide a balcony for a cold beer after surfing!

De anonymous , 30-05-2006

what locals? - locals are sand and rocks,those boogies i will run over.i've been to puerto.don't compare this shit to puerto jack ass.

De anonymous , 18-03-2005

- Renaca is an average beachbreak, maybe more than average sometimes

De anonymous , 17-03-2005

Reñaca sucks! - The best thing of Reñaca beach is that it is only about 2.5 hours from Pichilemu.

De Franchute , 15-12-2004

Not bad - Been bodyboarding there from sept to dec 2004, there's always some wave to catch, which is good, but the very good days are less frequent, about 10 days in three months. Some locals just suck. The wave is powerful but not very long, I heard that puertocillo and punta de lobos are much better.

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