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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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De dizzy , 09-09-2010

peru trip, any takers>? - been wandering the world fro waves for a decade nearly now, and its perus turn now. been a goofyfooter it seems like a mandatory mecca. will be heading into lima the 17th, and staying for 2 months, chasing the goodness. would be down for any co-pilots on the trip, if anyone is in the area sept/october/nov and wants to go chase epic barels and experiences hit me up
conversation and compatability are no problem, been getting on with peeps for years chasing fun so if your mellow, let get barrelled!!!

De MMDS , 03-08-2010

Local San Diegan - Hi, I am Peruvian born-US living in San Diego, I'll be in Peru from August 2010 thru Jan 2011. Please feel free to contact me for any questions, I can let you know where to go to surf and refer you to people I know. You're brave to go by yourself! but you'll have fun. Hope to hear from you.

De Anonymous , 24-07-2010

traveling to peru mid-sept. - i've been waiting 4 yrs to go to machu picchu. i finally decided this year is the year before i get stuck on another long term project and can't vacation. i learned how to surf last yr in San Diego, CA, USA and love it. i purchased a surf board from a company that said peru was the first to surf so now i have to hike to MP and surf.

the only thing is that i'm traveling alone and female. im not familiar w/peru so if there were anybody from the states going at the same time, i'd like a travel buddy, especially female.

De Moritz , 15-03-2010

Puerto Chicama: Do not stay at Hostal los Delfines - Do not stay at Hostal los Delfines
Hola compadres,
Travel warning: do not stay in the Hostal los Delfines unless you want your money get stolen from your room while surfing or your bills swapped in false ones.
Beware of a guy named "Michael" who is some sort of administrator.
Hostal los Delfines is well known to the local police for those incidents as I learned after filing charges against the hostal's administrator. Unfortunately the staff is clever to steal only from foreign travelers who will be leaving the county soon.
So choose a different place, there are plenty around.
Enjoy your trip

De Anonymous , 13-02-2010

surfing partner - @Sky: I'm travelling to Peru end of June/July and would love some surfing company of another girl for a few days. I am a beginner but trying to surf as often as I can to improve my level by the summer ;-) e-mail me at if you're interested.

De Anonymous , 11-09-2009

Any spongers gonna be in Cetral Peru Sept 17-Sept 28? - Hey there, im a bodyboarder. Im gonna be in Peru visiting family in late sept(17-28). I will be in Haucho staying with family. Wondering if anybody would like to tag along and hit up some beaches. Better to have someone there than no one.
Ill be coming from the states. Cali.

De H. , 12-06-2009

Powerfull Peru! - The little south of lima pumps incredible i,ve surfed:la isla-wiako-punta rokas-Herradura-Señoritas-pulpos-San pedro-Cerro azul... and much more and i can say its good man!It was a little trip anyway i did it with a me if you need answers-peace out.

De Sky , 28-05-2009

Looking for surf travel partner for late June/July - Hi,
I am looking to head to the coast between Chiclayo/Trujillo area for surf starting sometime around June 27th - July 10th or so. Looking for other longboarders who want to do a trip together. I am an intermediate longboarder, female.

De Anonymous , 30-04-2009

Bodyboarders in or Travelling to Peru/Chile - Hey,

Due to the eruption of the pig flu i have had to leave Mexico early but have just found a cheap flight to Peru and heard of awesome hollow and heavy waves for the boog there and especially in Chile so am pretty amped for that. Just wondering if there is anyone who is going to or lives in Peru or Chile and would be keen to hit up some spots. I am going to get to Lima on 1 May 2009 and probably be around the area for 2 or three months. Or if not, does anyone know of good places to boog there and will I need a car to access the majority of spots or will I be able to get away with public transport. Contact me at

De watermanblue , 17-04-2009

- Just got back from 2 weeks in Peru. If you like to do 20 cutbacks in a row you'll be in heaven. Surfed Penescal, Punta Rocas, Senoritas, Chicama, Pacasmayo. All long waves, but with the exception of Penescal which was 8-10ft and at least grinding on the take off, the waves are really mediocre. Want tubes..go to Indo......

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