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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Melhores vídeos

First solid winter swell hit West Africa with a period over 14 sec. MSW changed their forecast, now 4 ft. is what before was 8ft. Photos and video from Gauche de Loic, Baides des Carpes and NGor right in Dakar - Senegal. Uploaded by 03:36

La Baie des Carpes

Back in '99 an uncrowded offshore day happened on the Gold Coast. Burleigh was 6ft, D'bar was 9ft and somehow the majority of people had better things to do than go surfing. Maybe it was y2k who knows... 01:46




Dungeons: (My experience) 
A very dangerous spot in a very threatening area. The spot itself sits near a crowd of whining seals just waiting to be devoured by a group of great whites. This is Shark Territory. This spot is known for big waves, sharks, and very cold water. I have to say this is easily more dangerous and deadlier than mavericks will ever be. 

This Spot is almost ALWAYS choppy due to the extreme winds. When it's big and not windy, that's probably the BEST time to go but it's very rare.

Song: Gris by Doug Sparling
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More Epic Footage On The Way. 00:21

South Africa

Melhores fotos

foto de surf

Cathedral Rock

foto de surf

Costa rica

foto de surf

Sao Pedro

  Quais as novidades

  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Beacon Bommie Australia, VIC, Melbourne West
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] R.A.F.F.s beach Australia, VIC, Melbourne West
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Ujung Bocur Indonesia, Sumatra Mainland
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Tofino Canada, West Coast
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] south cott Australia, WA, Perth City
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] blue moon Australia, WA, Albany
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Thirroul Reef Australia, NSW, Coal Coast
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Vermelha do Centro Brazil, Sao Paulo North Coast
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] North Wall - Iluka Australia, NSW, North
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Beyin Beach Resort Reef  Ghana
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Leisure Bay South Africa, Hibiscous Coast
  • Jun 06 
    [ Spot ] Surf club reef Australia, NSW, Sydney South
  • Jun 04 
    [ Foto ] Strickland bay Australia, WA, Perth City, Rottnest-Island. Big day at Stricko’s 8-10ft
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Goldies Australia, SA, York Peninsula
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Troubridge Point Australia, SA, York Peninsula
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] D'estrees Bay Australia, SA, Kangeroo Island
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Mojacar Spain, Mediterranean
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Praia de Santa Mónica Cape Verde
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Baby Plage Switzerland
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Cadzand Netherlands
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Keta point Ghana
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Garrincha Brazil, Santa Catarina North
  • Jun 02 
    [ Spot ] Gravatá Brazil, Santa Catarina North
  • Mai 24 
    [ Foto ] Club med Senegal.
  • Mai 24 
    [ Foto ] Santa Monica Boa Vista Cape Verde.

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