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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Variações sazonais de ondas e ventos

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Spots de surf

Spots de surf (18)
Qualidade Direcção Tipo Frequ Experiência
Barra de coyuca - / -
Esquerda Beach-break Onda para principiantes
Barra Vieja 6 / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Todos os surfistas
Barrio Nuevo - / -
Esquerda Recife de rocas Surfistas com experiência
El Eslabon 3 / -
Direita Point-break Todos os surfistas
Escolleras 21 / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Todos os surfistas
La Barrita 12 / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Surfistas com experiência
La Boca - / -
Direita e esquerda Banco de areia Todos os surfistas
La Bonfil 4 / -
Direita e esquerda Banco de areia Todos os surfistas
Las Gatas 8 / -
Esquerda Recife de corais Surfistas com experiência
Loma Bonita 28 / -
Direita e esquerda Banco de areia Surfistas com experiência
Playa Bonfil 34 / -
Direita e esquerda Banco de areia Todos os surfistas
Playa Linda 10 / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Todos os surfistas
Playa Princess 16 / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Todos os surfistas
Revolcadero 8 / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Todos os surfistas
Saladita 20 / -
Esquerda Point-break Todos os surfistas
The Ranch 30 / -
Direita e esquerda Recife de rocas Todos os surfistas
Troncones beachbreak 12 / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Todos os surfistas
Troncones point 11 / -
Esquerda Point-break Todos os surfistas


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jboe avatar
The Ranch
By jboe
Mar 31, 2007
- Jeremy Boe writes:   I don't usually post this kind of thing but I gather from a message or two I've received that somebody actually reads these, so, in the spirit of public service etc...  If you're going to
Glider avatar
By Glider
Jul 17, 2006
Modelo Open -
Glider avatar
La Salidita
By Glider
Jul 10, 2006
Driving through the Rio -
ThirdCoastSurfer avatar
The Ranch
By ThirdCoastSurfer
Jun 19, 2006
BIG SURF - My Comments: Session Highlight: During mid day swell built up to about 15 to 20 ft faces Comment on Swell, Waves and Wind: Allaround great surf Techniques to improve: Bottom turns and barrel rides Air Temperature: warm Water Temperature: warm
scottanddawn avatar
By scottanddawn
Mar 3, 2006

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ThirdCoastSurfer avatar
Trip: Mexico, Troncones
By ThirdCoastSurfer
From Jun 17, 2006 to Jun 24, 2006
Biggest swell i ever surfed. Big northern blew threw with off shore winds surf was about 15 to 20 ft faces. We surfed the ranch and Manzanillo Point. Manzanillo PPoint was the biggest heaviest waves the waves broke on A rocky point and was only lefts


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De babboman , 29-03-2013

peace at last - I just got back from a two weeks surfing in Guerrero and Michoacan, and I am happy to report that I had very peaceful trip. I think that the drug war that took place in this area for the past couple of years between rival groups in now over. I had a great time also due the five or six swells that arrived while I was there. I have been going there for 10 years, and you don't know the place, I can recommend calling the best surf guide in the area. His nick name his Chimenique and his mobile number is +52 1 755 115 5238. Many pros use his services. He is very knowledgeable and reasonable, and knows where to find uncrowded waves.

De Axel , 21-08-2010

Guerrero Surf. - Guerrero is definitely a great place to
planning a trip in a good surf, simply
knowledge discovery.
For my part I am living Surfer, orient my life to
Pacific Coast to surf, I chose the people of
Troncones, you have many waves, that those who do not
take the time not known, also do trips to other waves according to their
work according to swell. Guerrero mexico all
has so much where you surf and waves to surf alone
friends who are prepared to make new freinds, Troncones and the whole area has excellent waves
very good service for the traveler.
if you need real information you can contact.

De Noel , 13-08-2009

La Saladita - Corky Carroll runs an excellent "surf lodge" from which he surfs daily with his residents. Corky's an amazing surfer and coach.

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