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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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 Ponce Inlet

USA, South East, North Florida

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Datum: WGS84 [ Auxílio ]
Precisão: Aproximadamente

Histórico GPS (1)

Latitude: 29° 4.74' N
Longitude: 80° 55.105' W

Notação (25)

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Don't look fr this spot

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Don't look fr this spot

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Don't look fr this spot

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Don't look fr this spot

DistânciaTome um carro

CaminhadaCurta caminhada (5-15 mn)

Fácil de encontrar?OK

Acesso público?Acesso público

Acesso especial4x4

 Características do spot de surf

Qualidade do spot

Qualidade das ondasNormal

ExperiênciaTodos os surfistas

FrequênciaFunciona de vez em quando


TipoQuebra-mar/ Pontão



PotênciaOca, Veloz, Potente, Divertida, Rocas salientes

Comprimento normalNormal (50 a 150m)

Comprimento máximoLongo (150 a 300 m)

Marés, Ondas e vento

Direcção da ressacaOeste, Sudoeste

Direcção do ventoNoroeste, Oeste, Sudoeste

Tamanho da ressacaComeça em e vai até 4m+ / 12ft

Condição da maréMaré media e maré baixa

Movimento da maré

Mais detalhes

Cheio durante a semanaMuitos surfistas

Cheio no fim de semanaSuperpovoado

Link Webcam 


- Correntezas/Ressacas
- Rochas
- Localismo
- Tubarões

 Informações suplementares




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Ponce inlet
United States of America

Ponce inlet
United States of America

Ponce inlet
United States of America

Ponce inlet
United States of America


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hey brada man! avatar
Ponce Inlet
By hey brada man!
Jan 25, 2010
Lond session - Good surf session even though it was super cold! Had to throw on the booties for only the third time this year! Waves started to pick up around 4 when it hit high tide. But by then the offshore wind was pretty strong. Waves were pretty weak and mus

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De moto_340 , 07-08-2011

mush buggers - I paddled out for some fun looking Emily swell at ponce and wow! What a mushy wave. The way the waves peak up on the sandbar gets you all excited then next thing you know you are paddling your ass off to catch a shoulder high wave and pumping your ass off all the way down the line. Props for the long rights though. But the waves in florida are powerless. As for the locals most where cool but the teenagers need to be taught some respect before they get choked out. Every teenager in the water thinks they are going to be Kelly Slater one day when the reality is they will be waiting on me at the local restaurant their whole life which is fine but they need to be brought back down to earth.

De Anonymous , 30-10-2009

sharky - I saw the bigest shark there. Everyone got out. No Sh#t...

De Anonymous , 21-02-2009

ponce - i live in the daytona area and i love ponce inlet, however there are some really good waves elsewhere. on really big northern swells the pier is much better than ponce. even up the beach towards wilbur can be really fun on a big swell. if you don't mind the drive new symrnia is almost always a safe bet for good consistent waves. i love ponce but its not like its that much better than everywhere else. there are days where it is the only place breaking, but i would not even begin to say that it produce that much of a better wave than everywhere else. ohh yea and the only reason that those guys who colided with eachother on a wave were not swinging fists was because they are good friends.

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