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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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América do Sul

Brazil: the largest country in South America, with underrated surf (people think that there are only small waves). Several Top 44 surfers come from Brazil, as well as big-wave riders.....tells you something about the quality and variety of the waves at home?
Surf Period: From April to September, Southern Brazil (most of the spots) catches east to south swells produced in Antartic. From November to March, the north of Brazil (especially Fernando do Noronha) catches nothern swells.
Plus: all levels of surf, the Brazilian life-style, low budget, water temperature.
Minus: lots of crowded lineups, lack of reef-breaks.
Location: Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean
Geographic coordinates: 10 00 S, 55 00 W
Coastline: 7,491 km
Climate: mostly tropical, but temperate in south
Terrain: mostly flat to rolling lowlands in north; some plains, hills, mountains, and narrow coastal belt
Natural hazards: recurring droughts in northeast; floods and occasional frost in south
Currency: real (BRL)

Localização: Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean
Coordenadas geográficas: 10° 0' S, 55° 0' W
Costa: 7,491 km km
Clima: mostly tropical, but temperate in south
Relevo: mostly flat to rolling lowlands in north; some plains, hills, mountains, and narrow coastal belt
Cimeiras: lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m highest point: Pico da Neblina 3,014 m
Riscos naturais: recurring droughts in northeast; floods and occasional frost in south
Moeda: real (BRL)
População: 188,078,227 (July 2006 est.)
Línguas: Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French
Capital: Brasilia
Divisão administrativa: 26 states (estados, singular - estado) and 1 federal district* (distrito federal); Acre, Alagoas, Amapa, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara, Distrito Federal*, Espirito Santo, Goias, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Para, Paraiba, Parana, Pernambuco, Piaui, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Rondonia, Roraima, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, Sergipe, Tocantins

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Variações sazonais de ondas e ventos

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zonas (20) Spots de surf Sub-zonas
Para 5 0
Maranhao 6 0
Ceara 13 0
Fernando de Noronha 8 0
Rio Grande Do Norte 12 0
Paraiba and Pernambucco 8 0
Alagoas 13 0
Bahia Norte 15 0
Bahia Sul 16 0
Espirito Santo 23 0
Rio de Janeiro State - North Coast 25 0
Rio de Janeiro City 53 0
Sao Paulo North Coast 46 0
Sao Paulo South Coast 18 0
Parana 9 0
Santa Catarina North 41 0
Florianopolis 21 0
Santa Catarina South 47 0
Rio Grande do Sul 27 0

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Spots de surf

Spots de surf (1)
Qualidade Direcção Tipo Frequ Experiência
Balneário Costa azul - / -
Direita e esquerda Beach-break Todos os surfistas

 Últimas sessões

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Pisco23 avatar
De Pisco23
19 déc. 2012
Swim - Went for a swim here this morning - no waves, but tried to body surf the 1ft shore-break.  Ate sand.  Nice swim, shame no waves though !!

De guelaio
10 mai 2011
romanoqz avatar
De romanoqz
22 avril 2011
alesgar avatar
De alesgar
23 oct. 2010
Crazy spot -

 Últimas viagens

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kikko avatar
Voyage : Brasil surftrip
De kikko
Du 21 janv. 2010 au 3 févr. 2010
Florianopolis surf trip
dimitrinio avatar
Voyage : Brazil 2009
De dimitrinio
Du 12 janv. 2009 au 3 mars 2009
I didn't know nothing about surfing before booking my tickets to Brazil last August. When I arrived in Praia da Pipa, a small nice village 1/5 hours from Natal, I saw big waves and surfers walking back to the village. During my s
cntaidar avatar
Voyage : Brazil - SP
De cntaidar
Du 1 janv. 2000 au 8 sept. 2008
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stephanriederer avatar
Voyage : SP North Coast
De stephanriederer
Du 14 déc. 2007 au 7 janv. 2008
Show de bola, ferias de fim de ano surfando em ubatuba!


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De SimonHughes , 17 Jan

Optimum surf and good wifi in spot In Brazil - Looking for a place with excellent wifi so I can work remotely and good surf. A medium-sized town vibe. Aside from Florianopolis, could you recommend somewhere in Brazil? In the Bahia maybe?

De agenor , 04-07-2013

Ipanema Leblon beaches - The beach segment of Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon east-west has big waves in specific months of the year. To the changes of the seasons the most west part of the beach next to a channel and receives bigger waves at these times. Moreover this high wave energy condition is amplified when the tides and more intensive circulation by coastal currents come to act jointly to the delight of surfers looking for this adventure type on the beaches of the Rio de Janeiro city.

De adrianoh , 21-02-2012

Brazil: should you go?? here is my take... - Brazil it isnt inexpensive anymore, specially in the south(from Rio to RS. Also very very crowded. Im brazilian living abroad and I'd recommend to go to brazil for the experience as a whole (culture, ladies, people, food, parties etc etc,) but if you main goal is to suf then is better to go someplace else...good vibes! Adriano

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